…This Association’s emblem displayed on a 4WD vehicle signifies a concerned recreationalist and a responsible user of public and private natural recreation areas…

Membership Chairpersons:
Helen Wagner
3267 Rolling Hill Drive
Pulaski, WI 54162
(920) 865-3267
E-mail Helen Wagner

Mary Hoernke
203 Gruenwald Ave
Neenah, WI 54956-2040
(920) 722-3777
E-mail Mary Hoernke


If you support these principles, your membership will add your voice to the 4,000,000 other recreationalists who are striving to protect their rights and freedom.

How is Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association Different than other organizations?

Mainly because it offers a variety of memberships each tailored to fit a specific need. It offers a social community for those wishing to engage in club activities. There is a membership for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to belong to a club. It also offers a membership to business firms who wish to support the aims and objectives of the association. All of these types of memberships are directed towards a common goal, the enhancement of 4-Wheeling.

The Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association Consists of:

Individual Membership
If you are a 4-Wheel drive owner, who for some reason does not wish to belong to a club, you may join Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association directly. You will have no voting rights, but you will receive all Association publications. For the individual membership form click here.

Member Clubs
The membership is open to incorporated clubs with at least 4 members. Dues are assessed per club member per year. Each club has one voting delegate. For the club membership form Click Here. For the club delegate voting credentials form click here.

What Region do I belong too?

Check out the State map to find out what region My Club/Organization belongs too.

W4WDA Region Map

A county list can be found here: W4WDA Region List by County

New Club Incorporation
For individuals interested in starting their own Wisconsin 4 wheel drive association club, we offer an advisor service to help you get your club incorporated. Please contact the new club incorporation advisor that?s listed below for guidance

New Club Incorporation Advisor:
Orlin Clark
810 4th Avenue North
Onalaska, WI 54650
(608) 783-4619
E-mail Orlin Clark

Business Members
Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association will be adding a business membership to our association. Until the association figures out a membership fee for businesses, we will add your business to the sidebar at no cost. If you are interested having your business listed on our website, contact Mary Hoernke.