WI DNR – TRAIL NEWS Aug 4 2016

TRAIL NEWS – AUG 4th 2016

Hikers enjoy the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Next Meeting of the Governor’s State Trails Council: Friday, August 12

The next meeting of the Governor’s State Trails Council will be held at the Town of Rib Mountain Town Hall in Wausau on Friday, August 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Town Hall is located at 3700 North Mountain Rd.

The State Trails Council is appointed by the Governor to provide state trail user groups and individuals a voice in the statewide trails program.

Agenda items include council member updates, DNR report and other trail issues. Information about the STC, along with August meeting materials, is available online on the STC page.

Please RSVP by August 10 (daniel.buckler@wisconsin.gov) if you are planning to attend the meeting in Wausau.

Watch out! Wild parsnip prevalent this year

Wild parsnip is especially bad this year, due to favorable spring growing conditions. Large yellow rosettes at the top of the plant often bow into trail tread space, and contact with the plant’s sap can cause severe rash and blisters when exposed to the sun. Think poison ivy only potentially worse. It’s a good idea for trail users and volunteers to be able to identify the plant and alert others to its presence.

The DNR website and UW Extension fact sheet [pdf] for the plant provide identification and control info for this troublesome invasive. Be sure to work with the property manager on any pesticide use on public lands.

Don’t let wild parsnip come in contact with your skin.

Old Abe debate put to rest: eagle was male

The 150-year old debate is over: Old Abe, the Wisconsin bald eagle which became a symbol of strength and patriotism during the Civil War, was male. While the spirit and pride that the bird encouraged was definite regardless of its gender, conflicting 19th century accounts fueled the dispute until this year when DNA sequencing finally put the debate to rest. More information on Old Abe, which has a State Trail named after him, can be found here.

UFWDA’s “The Voice”

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UFWDA eNews July 2016Welcome to this edition of eNews and to those readers who’ve recently joined us.

With the AGM in around ten days time, it looks like it might be a quiet affair. UFWDA have tried to make life as simple and as cheap as possible with our online meetings, which means there should be little excuse for not registering and taking part for a little over one hour. Use the link below to join in and play your part too. The webinar is not just one-way… it’s interactive!

In fact an even more valuable thing would be to volunteer to help drive UFWDA and a key role is for public relations… someone to market UFWDA please step up.

Your input of topical material for each eNews is still vital, so please keep UFWDA and our readers informed by emailing to editor@ufwda.org

Counting Down to the UFWDA Annual MeetingA reminder that the date for the 2016 Annual Meeting is the evening of Thursday 28 July and conducted as an interactive online webinar. We need delegate and member involvement.

Join us for a webinar on Jul 28, 2016 at 8:30 PM EDT.

Register now!


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

View System Requirements

The United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc., North America and worldwide, announce that several positions on its Board of Directors will be voted on at this year’s Annual Meeting held July 28th, 2016.

Those positions up for election are: President, Secretary Director of
Membership, Director of Environmental Affairs, and Director of Public

Each of these positions is a two-year term.

Nominees for office should have submitted a signed Letter of interest and
qualifications to the current Board of Directors sixty (60) days prior
to an election or be present or accept a nomination from the floor at
the meeting where the election is being held.

Newly elected officers shall begin their term at the fall of the gavel
ending the Annual Meeting at which they were elected. “UFWDA S.O.P.
Article V, Section 1. (This year, 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting was
May 30 2016)

Nominees shall be members in good standing.
Anyone interested in running for office is strongly urged to send a
Candidate’s Statement for publication in the July UFWDA eNews.You should list your qualifications, goals, ideas for that office, and what your
direction of United would be.

That will give the voting delegates and their member associations an
opportunity to learn about the candidates before the Annual Meeting.
All such statements should be submitted to president@ufwda.org
Now is the time to start considering one of these positions please.

Award winners are also announced and UFWDA invite nominations from organizations for the Jack Edwards Award, Four Wheeler of the Year, Environmental Affairs Four Wheeler of the Year and the Conservation Volunteer Award.


Parks Transformation Team’s plan to gut the CA OHV Program.

Recreation HQ Blog with Op Ed


This is going to be a tough battle. Thanks for your interest in managed OHV recreation.

Don Amador


Jeep is the engine that drives Fiat Chrysler globally

In its 75-year history, Jeep never has been in better shape than it is right now.

The reason? Current owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has accomplished what a succession of previous owners only dreamed of: truly globalizing one of the world’s most storied automotive brands.

Worldwide, Jeep’s deliveries in 2015 topped 1.2 million vehicles, its fourth consecutive record year for global production and sales.
Read more

All Parties Interested in Uses of the Manti-La Sal National Forest:The Manti-La Sal National Forest invites you to join in the process of revising its Forest Plan. The Forest Plan provides guidance for managing resources and activities such as recreation, fish and wildlife habitat, mining, vegetation, and timber production on the National Forest for the next 15 years. Written in 1986, the current Forest Plan is outdated and needs to be revised to reflect the current uses and needs of the Forest and its users. A lot has changed over the past 30 years, including significant scientific advances and changes in recreational uses. [ Read more here]


VA4WDA 24th Annual Trail Ride at Oakridge Estate in Nelson County VA

Sept 16 to Sept 18, 2016

July 15 Registration opens at www.va4wda.org
Sept 15 Camp field opens at 2:00
Early check in begins at 2:00 at camp field

More info at:


U.S. Four Wheeling Competition Is Still At Risk

Tell Congress to save racing from government threat — it only takes a minute:


The Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act is gaining Congressional support as race enthusiasts and industry stakeholders flood lawmakers’ offices on Capitol Hill with letters urging them to support the legislation. However, there are still many lawmakers who remain undecided. Visit www.sema.org/rpm to contact these lawmakers, who need to hear from industry members on why the bill is critical to the future of motorsports and the tens of thousands of jobs the motorsports industry supports.

“The industry has been great at taking the time to urge their legislators to support the RPM Act—and we’re seeing the impact,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO. “We’re finding that once the issue is explained and people understand what it means, they immediately take action and contact their representatives.”


SEMA has an online form that makes it easy for you to send letters to your lawmakers. By entering one’s address, the form automatically identifies the respective congressional reps and a letter can be generated and sent to them in less than a minute. The form at www.sema.org/rpm can be easily shared on websites and in emails to employees and customers.

Read the full article


Johnson Valley to be closed August 14-21

Created: Thursday, 14 July 2016 18:12

Written by US Marine Corps

The Johnson Valley Shared Use Area will be temporarily closed to the public August 14-21, 2016 while the Marine Corps conducts convoy operations and resupply missions to support a large-scale exercise. The closure period will include the time required to ensure the Shared Use Area is clear of recreation activity prior to training and to confirm the land is clear of hazards prior to reopening the land for public access.

The adjacent Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area will remain open to the public during the closure of the Shared Use Area. The Marine Corps will continue to implement robust public outreach to ensure the public is informed
of the temporary change in land use.

Read more at http://cal4wheel.com/


Did you see these on the UFWDA Facebook page?

Extreme ORV Expo

BLM asking for input on off-road race through Basin and Range National Monument


OHV Upcoming Events page



Blizzard/Snow Volunteering… memories of winter


On January 22 and 23 a historic blizzard hit the Capital region dumping nearly 3ft of snow in some metro areas. CORE members, always on the lookout for ways to help those in need, did so again in this emergency situation. Several members found ways to help during this significant winter storm. While millions of people hunkered down and stayed inside the safety of their homes these folks went out and helped others.http://core4x4.org/blizzardsnow-volunteering/


SFWDA July 2016 Newsletter
30th Anniversary Dixie Run 2016

Register before August 1 to take advantage of reduced admission costs!