W4WDA Jan 11 2020 Meeting minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 9:15am Reading of Mission Statement – Helen Wagner

II. Roll Call – 20 People in attendance Officers/Board Members in Attendance: President – Helen Wagner; Region B Vice President – Orlin Miller; Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary –Jan Kasper; Treasurer – Mary Hoernke Clubs Present: 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; 4×4 Forever Ltd; Twin City Bushwackers; Weekend 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers

III. Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV. Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V. Guests: None

VI. Reports:

  • A. Pipeline – Harold Hoernke heard from a family nearby that it was in bad condition at this time. Jon Fintelman asked if we should contact the Forestry Service. Chris Hannis though we should let the legislature know this is what happens without rules. This is part of the Lakewood Forest Service
  • B. Web Page – Brian Swearingen sent an email that as of 1/1/20 he could no longer host the website. This may be a mute point since this will all be transitioning to the new WC4WD site. Should redirect the current page to the new page. We need to see about saving the history. Will ask Brian Swearingen to send us the data.
  • C. S.C.O.R.P. – Done – can be removed from agenda
  • D. S.T.C. – see directors report – could provide member numbers which would help for future state plans.
  • E. United Four Wheel Drive Association – see directors report
  • F. Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. – may have a new contact with a new 4×4 Forever Club Member, will continue to pursue
  • G. Motorized Recreation Area –
    • Juneau County update – there is now a MOU in place for use of the property. Will start building in April, but it depends on the weather. Hope to have an event there yet this fall.
    • Jon Fintelman provided an update on the Big Snow opportunity – Jon, Chris Hannis and Richard Wise have been working on it. Rich emailed Steve at Big Snow with ideas to make it a business opportunity. Big Snow wants events yet this year. Steve would like the group to meet with more people to discuss it. Group is Expected to present it for the future wheelers. They offer good housing at just $49. Suggest that all three groups need volunteers to support all groups. Luana thought all opportunities should go through Joel as the chair of the land access for the new coalition. Each project should have a coordinator who reports to Joel. Pete Rohde is coordinating the
    • Road America project – a Midwest Media event for media and wants the group to help set up trails for stock vehicles, many brands from Subaru to Jeep. He will need help on May 21st for event – contact Pete Rohde.

H. Trail Specifications – Waiting for elections and new representation

I. MW4WDA – Butch Chapin has been elected president, they will be in Attendance at the April 2020 meeting.

J. WOHVA – currently in the wind down mode – GNTR is still planned for August 15th weekend at Apple Valley.

K. Membership – DONE

L. Events – 2020 – DONE – see coalition

M. ROA – Now called Master Plans – See director report

N. RL4WD – has many post online for their events

O. Stakeholders – Next meeting will be 1/30/20 at the Dreyfus Room at UW-Stevens Point. One person to represent and it was decided that it would be Ryan Harden with Luana as the back-up. It consists of state, county and forestry people. Someone from the coalition should represent the group when Luana can’t be there. A new recreation department supported by the tourism council. Established in other states. Minnesota is ahead by 6-7 months.

VII. Region Vice Presidents Report

  • A. Arnold Miller – Not in attendance, Veterans Ride was again a big success.
  • B. Orlin Clark – Nothing New
  • C. Gil Wagner – Nothing New

VIII. Old Business

  • A Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill –
  • B. How to attract people that use social media – on-going issue, will be a top priorty for the new coalition
  • C. Huston MN off road park – slow progress

IX. New Business

  • A. Future dues – any group who pays dues for 2020 will automatically be part of the WC4WD. Will still collect dues under W4WDA for 2020.
  • B. Spring Meeting – Will be 4/3 – 4/5 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point. Will be in conjunction with WATVA. Room rate is $118 for a double or king room, and $148 for a suite – block is under “WATVA”. Cut off is 3/4/20 for that rate. Call 715-344-0200.
  • C. Events 2020: Will pass for 2020. This should be a coalition event going for-ward. Jon Fintelman asked what is there, today era of 4 wheel drive is differ-ent than what we have had in the past

X. Transition

  • A. Mary Hoernke, Luana Schneider and Jan Kasper to discuss ideas for dissolution.

XI. Adjourn

W4WDA Spring Meeting minutes 2019


April 2019 Meeting minutes

I.        Meeting called to order at 9AM

II.       Roll Call – 24 people in attendance

Officers/Board Members in attendance:  President – Helen Wagner, Region A Vice President – Arnie Miller; Region B Vice President – Orlin Clark; Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary – Jan Kasper; Treasurer – Mary Hoernke.

Clubs Present:  Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers; 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers; 4X4 Forever; Twin City Bushwackers.

III.      Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V.       Guests – None

VI.      Reports:

A.       Pipeline – nothing new

B.       Web Page – if anyone wants a document posted, send as a word document to Amanda Cottrell. 

C.       S.C.O.R.P. – has been approved.  The 4WD community is in it.

D.       S.T.C. – see directors report for an update

E.       United Four Wheel Drive Association – trying to get more info, not sure where it is going.

F.       Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – Luana was waiting for a call back, We need a point person for this.  They work with a committee

G.      Motorized Recreation Area – nothing new – see directors report for an update

H.       Trail Specifications – Joel turned it in.  Bridget said to wait for more detail after the next election

  1. MW4WDA – meeting was scheduled after this meeting, unsure if there will be enough funds for insurance

J.       WOHVA – discussion tabled until later in the meeting

K.       Membership – Since this position was open, Helen asked Sam Vandenberg if he     would take the position and he accepted.

L.       Rally – Frontenac Farms June 21-23, 2019 – Arnie Miller is chair

M.      ROA – Nothing new

VII.     Region Vice Presidents Report

A.       Arnold Miller – the Veterans Run will be October 25-29, 2019. A motion was passed to donate $250 to the Veterans Run.  Weekend 4-Wheelers is doing a trail ride at SHORR on Sept. 19th.

B.       Orlin Clark – he is trying to recruit help in the region

C.       Gil Wagner – nothing new to report Helen would like to schedule conference calls quarterly with the VPs & Board members. Tuesday probably works best.  She will send out invites.

VIII.    Old Business

A        Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill  – Nothing new, info can be found on SEMA website

B.       How to attract people that use social media – need ideas – need more youth involve.  Richard Wise said his group takes off road vehicles to car shows, lots of people show interest.

C.       Huston MN off road park – it is hard to get info.  No trails have been built recently.  Probably not happening this year.

D.       Wisconsin Flyer Update – Helen had a co-worker update the flyer. Helen will send as a PDF.  Motion was approved to spend $50.

IX.      New Business

A.       Frontenac Farms – Arnie Miller asked what the group was expecting from the event.  The will be no meal this year.  Costs will be the same as last year.  The flyer for the event will be available on line, registration should be sent to Mary Hoernke.         

B.       Fall 2019 Meeting – October 11-13, 2019 Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells – Room cost is $79, block is under “MW4WDA BLOCK”  —  Information is posted on the website        

C.       Winter Meeting – January 11, 2020 at Hidden Waters Golf Course in Waupace.  Board meeting at 8:30am, general meeting at 9am

Luana brought up future meetings.  She suggested that we combine sites with WAFTA – spring meeting only.  May be a good way to talk to more groups and communicate better.  Tim Duenkel mentioned that WOHVA likes the idea too.  Maybe not next year, but possibly in the future.  Luana will try to found out more information.

D.       Membership Position – Sam Vanderberg has accepted the position

E.       W4WDA t-shirts are available – orders will go through Mary Hoernke, Amanda will post information on the website

F.       Insurance – Midwest will pay again this year.  WI could join as a group but the cost is $10 per person.  W4WDA could possibly get their own insurance similar to what MN4WDA does.  Butch will check to see if WI could go through MW4WDA and/or get a

Separate policy for WI alone.  Tim Duenkel commented that the cost of the policy t   hat WOHVA currently has is less than the others.

G.      New Clubs –  Helen asked the VPs to see what clubs are in their areas.  Orlin could do a checklist of what the VP’s need to do to create new clubs.  The checklist is online, registration is easy, they could go with standard by-laws.

H.       Membership – U4WDA Helen wanted to know if W4WDA is still a member, Mary confirmed that we are still a member.  She is currently waiting for the bill.

I.        Donation – Amanda Cottrell will be traveling to Guatemala for a medical mission.  She asked if W4WDA would donate towards the medicine and food for the tribe.  A motion was approved to provide $250 for the trip.

J.       Convention 2020 – WAFTA is the first choice.  Should explore a location that would be more in the center of the state.  Helen will check on this.  The board can decide on the quarterly calls.  It will be open for WOHVA to join again.

K.       Fall Elections

                    1.  Region A – Vice President – Arnie Miller accepted the nomination

                    2.  Region C – Vice President – Gil Wagner accepted the nomination

                    3.  Region B – Asst Vice President – Ginny Clark accepted the nomination

                    4.  State Director – Luana Schneider accepted the nomination

Mary Hoernke asked if Luanas title could be changed to State Director of Trails. Luanas position on STC will be up in June – will likely be extended but anyone interested could apply.  She has indicated this will be her last term.

Luana has an email listing – let her know if you want to be on the list.

L.       Recap of WOHVA/W4WDA discussion from previous day.

Helen explained that there was a workshop the day before.  The morning session was spent creating a list of bullet points of issues facing both organizations in the future.  It was decided to continue to have discussions with both groups combined.

Luana mentioned that she had gotten a letter from Ryan Harden, he is interested in the WOHVA/W4WDA merge.  His group would like to be included later.

X.       Adjourn

W4WDA Winter meeting Minutes January 2019

January 2019 Meeting Agenda

I. Meeting called to order at 9:13am

Reading of Mission Statement – Helen Wagner

II. Roll Call – 14 people attending

Officers/Board Members Present:
President – Helen Wagner; Region A Vice President – Arnie Miller (via phone); Region B Asst Vice President – Orlin Clark; Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary – Jan Kasper: Treasurer – Mary Hoernke.

Clubs Present:
Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers; 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, Inc.; River City 4 Wheelers; 4×4 Forever, LTD; Twin City Bushwackers;

III. Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV. Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V. Guests: None

VI. Reports:
A. Pipeline – one mile is open, used by Facebook groups
B. Web Page – Jan hasn’t had time to get involved in updating, Chris Hannis suggested she check out word press for more information. Helen will ask all VP’s to give ideas for the website.
C. S.C.O.R.P. – no changes, waiting for new state administration
D. S.T.C. – Helen attended via phone – a water trails applicant was recommended by the board to be sent to the governor for appointment. Waiting for new state administration. DNR will attend the next meeting
on 4/18, time and place to be determined. P.A.L. (Public Access Land)
access is generic defined routes. The new Rep for the Department of
Tourism is Jeff Anderson.
E. United Four Wheel Drive Association – nothing to report
F. Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – nothing to report
G. Motorized Recreation Area – nothing to report
H. Trail Specifications – Luana turned the requested info in to Bridget
I. MW4WDA – nothing to report
J. WOHVA – will sponsor the April 2019 meeting – more details to follow. Events involved in include – GNTR, Kewaskum Car Show, Fall Color Ride
K. Membership – position is still open – checking with Mark Schultz
L. Rally – Frontenac Farms June 21-23, 2019 – Will get flyer updated
Arnie Miller will be the chair cialisonline for the event. Would like to have several door prizes again this year. W4WDA to provide $200 for prizes. Prices and fees with the be same this year. New Flyer will be posted
M. ROA – nothing to report

VII. Region Vice Presidents Report
A. Arnold Miller – The annual veterans ride was a huge success. Would
like to see W4WDA donate for next years ride.
B. Orlin Clark – has not been able to check with Jan Smith to see if he is
interested in the position
C. GiL Wagner – Nothing new – only 3 clubs are active – the Titletown Toys 4 Tots ride was well attended exceeded last years total for toys

VIII. Old Business
A. Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – nothing to report
B. How to attract people that use social media – everyone should be thinking of
ideas. We need to give them a reason to be part of the group. Groups don’t
need us to find a place to ride. We need to be able to provide information.
C. Huston MN off road park – mapping was done this year. The local disrupters are out of the way and permits are in place. There is movement now, 2020 at the earliest. There are about 700 acres but only 400 open to trail riding.
D. Wisconsin Flyer Update – Helen continues to work on it.

IX. New Business
A. Frontenac Farms – see information in Reports.
B. Fall 2019 Meeting – October 11-13, 2019 Wintergreen Resort &
Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells – Information will follow
C. Spring April 12-14, 2019 Meeting – WOHVA Sponsoring – will be held at
Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells
D. Membership Position – OPEN – see information in Reports
E. W4WDA t-shirts are available
F. Discussion of WOHVA and W4WDA blending together. Both groups are
experiencing the same issues. There will be an all-day session on Friday
April 12, 2019 at the convention, there will be attorneys present who are
experienced in combining groups to provide possible processes and answer
questions. For those who can not attend on Friday, they will recap the
information on Saturday. All club members and delegates are welcome to attend.

X. Adjourn

W4WDA Fall 2018 meeting minutes.

October 20, 2018 Meeting Notes

Officers/Board Members Present:

I.          Meeting called to order at 9:10 am at Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg

II.         Roll Call – 18 people attending

President – Sam Vandenburg; Region A Vice Presiden – Arnie MIller; Region A Vice President – Bev Miller; Region C President – Helen Wagner: Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary – Jan Kasper; Treasurer – Mary Hoernke

Clubs Present:

4×4 Forever; Borderline 4×4 Trailseekers; Twin City Bushwackers; Trailgaters 4 Wheelers; 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers;

III.        Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV.       Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V.        Guests:- None

VI.       Reports:

            A.        Pipeline – being used often, about only one mile open

            B.        Web Page – Brian is switching servers, will check with him for update

            C.        S.C.O.R.P. – see State Directors Report

            D.        S.T.C. – see State Directors Report

            E.        United Four Wheel Drive Association –  see State Directors Report

            F.         Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – has gotten derailed – Joel will put    together an agenda and things to talk about.  Chris Hannis talked about the snowmobile sticker program, which might be a place to start.  They have discounts a member of a club and a three years instead of two.  Joel will invite Chris to the meeting. 

            G.        Motorized Recreation Area – nothing happening

            H.        Trail Specifications – see State Directors Report

            I.          MW4WDA – nothing new

            J.         WOHVA – would like to see the two organizations get back together.    Having two organizations causes confusion and they want to review any potential legal issues.  Alex Bubb knows someone with experience in combining groups and will have someone due a presentation at the convention.  Need to come up with a new organization name.  The Great Northern Trail Ride is scheduled for August.  They are doing a trail guide training for the Wrangler Riders group.

            K.        Membership – possible open position, will review after elections.  Flyer still needs to be updated

            L.         Rally/Events – nothing new

            M.       ROA – completed – see State Directors Report

            N.        RL4WD – discussed Wrangler Riders using RL4WDA now, so the original group with proceed as RL4WDC – Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Coalition

VII.      Region Vice Presidents Report

            A.        Arnold Miller – there are concerns and possible dues changes, some what to join MW4WA

            B.        Orlin Clark – recent activity at Apple Valley, Dresser, Northern Highland

            C.        Helen Wagner – Nothing

VIII.     Old Business

            A         Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – nothing new

            B.        How to attract people that use social media – members should share information online when possible, but be careful what is posted

            C.        Huston MN off road park – there are actually two parks, one is private and one is state owned, not sure what is happening right now.            

            D.        Frontenac Farms event update – event was a success but experienced low turn out due to poor weather.  Frontenac Farms is checking to see if there is a date we can use for 2019.  Helen asked Arnie Miller if he would head up the event for 2019

IX.       New Business

            A.        Winter Meeting will at 9am Jan. 12, 2019 at Hidden Waters GC, Waupaca with a potluck lunch to follow.  W4WDA will provide the sandwiches

            B.        Spring Convention – April 2019 – to be hosted by WOHVA, details to follow

            C.        W4WDA t-shirts are available – should post availability on the website

            D.        Insurance – Butch is working on insurance with an agent and checking all options.  IA and WI clubs are using it.

            E.        Fall Meeting will be at Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells, October 18-20, 2019.  Sam will book the hotel.

X.        Fall Elections

            A.        President – Helen Wagner Elected

            B.        Region B VP – OPEN *Motion was made and passed that the board an appoint the region VP – will email the VP duties to Jan Smith for consideration

            C.        Region A – Assistant VP – Bev Miller Elected

            D.        Region C – VP – Gil Wagner Elected

            E.        Region C – Assistant VP – Harold Hoernke Elected

            F.         Secretary – Jan Kasper nominated Elected

            G.        Treasurer – Mary Hoernke nominated Elected

X.        Adjourn

Board Meeting Notes:

Meeting called to order at 8:46 am, October 20, 2018 – Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Luana brought up the idea of the board having more meetings throughout the year, primarily the VPs, President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.  It was discussed that these could be a conference call or Skype meeting, Sam has the number for the conference call.

Also, officers should provide a report in writing on whats going on in their region, take more responsibility for their position.

Luana mentioned that her appointment to the STC is up in July 2019, she is not sure if she will continue.

Helen will check on the internet or phone services available at Hidden Waters Golf Course for the next meeting..

They are looking for a 4WD Representative for the trails spec committee, more to be discussed in the afternoon meeting.

Meeting Minutes W4WDA Fall Meeting 2017

Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association

Fall Meeting Notes – October 14, 2017

W4WDA 2017 Fall Meeting 2017


  1. Meeting called to order at 8:50 am at Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center

Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg


  1. Roll Call – 13 People present

Officers/Board Members present:  President – Sam Vandenberg, Secretary – Jan Kasper,  Treasurer – Mary Hoernke, Region A VP – Arnie Miller, Region B VP – Orlin Clark, Region C VP – Helen Wagner

Clubs present:  Borderline 4×4 Trailseekers, Lone Riders 4×4, 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, River City 4-Wheelers, Weekend 4-Wheelers, 4×4 Forever, Green Bay High Riders

III.        Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed.

Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

  1. A motion was made to increase the donation to the hosting club to $150. This was approved and the SOP will be updated.
  2. A motion was made to join Tread Lightly at a cost of $100. It was approved and the logo should be added to the banner.
  3. It was agreed to spend up to $250 to update the banner.

Guests – None


  1. Pipeline – No updates, some clubs are cleaning it, being used by web clubs
  2. Website – it was noted that the W4WDA banner does not list the website on it.  It was decided that the email address W4WDA1977@gmail.com will be added as well as the “f” symbol for facebook.  The Lake States Resource Alliance will be removed.
  3. S.C.O.R.P. – See Directors report
  4. S.T.C. – See Directors report
  5. United Four Wheel Drive Association – See Directors report
  6. Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – See Directors report
  7. Motorized Recreation Area – See Directors report

Additional discussion:  Harry brought up that there was land near Tigerton.  It was discussed that W4WDA should start a group of people to search for land.  Alex Bubb suggested that they contact the WI Real Estate Group as they may know what is available.

Master Trail Builders Certification – Bridge Brown can set up training and she can work on grants.  Alex suggests that W4WDA have someone get certified.  Brian Much on STC can help with class info.

Rich Wise suggested that we start a committee to search for land.  Sam thinks this should be done by region.  Should we give info from private people to DNR or take care of it ourselves.  Region VPs should do the research and report to Sam and DNR.

It was suggested that we invite a DNR person to go on trail rides so that they can better understand our needs.

Trail Specifications – See Directors report

MW4WDA – Butch Chapin mentioned that there is less than $2,300 in the bank, the insurance premium is more than the clubs are paying.  3 clubs have land owners listed, cost is $103 per club.  He asked the insurance agent to contact these clubs to ask them to pay up.  It was noted that clubs need to pay based on full membership and are due by end of April.

WOHVA – Sam attends the WOHVA board of directors meetings to represent W4WDA.  WOHVA will continue to join W4WDA for the convention.

Membership – Bev gave two new member names to Helen to send info to them.  It was noted that the information to incorporate is on line.

Rally – Group agreed that we need an event of some kind.  Jim from Frontenac Farms said that W4WDA could host an event at their location the weekend of June 16, 2018.  The cost would be $40 per truck, $5 per passenger and camping is $25 per unit with power.  Tent camping is free.  There is a 15 vehicle minimum.  W4WDA would be responsible for the cost if they do not get to the 15 minimum.  It was agreed that we would move forward with scheduling this event.  We can arrive Friday at 4 and have the park until Sunday noon.  W4WDA could charge a little more than the requested fee with the extra going back to W4WDA to cover expense.  There would be no trail guides and we could have a bonfire.  Joel will help with the trail ride, we should come up with a charity for the event.

ROA – See Directors report – We need to remind people to attend these meetings.


VII.       Region Vice Presidents Reports:

Arnie Miller – his club went to a veterans home and hosted a picnic this summer.  It was very well received.  It cost the club $350.

Orlin Clark – nothing new.  He has been busy and would like to see someone else take over but he will try to get more involved.  They have fewer clubs involved now.

Helen Wagner – She plans to attend the ROA meetings.  4×4 Forever hosted a meet and greet and donated proceeds to Rawhide.


VIII.      Old Business

  1. Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA Bill – Nothing new
  2. How to attract people that use social media
  3. Huston Off Road Park – Orlin said MN4WDA had a booth at the MN State Fair.  The Huston park should be open late 2018 or early 2019, it is about 700 acres.  It is progressing but slow.  There may be another private park coming to the Huston area.
  4. Invite WOHVA to all future meetings

New Business

  1. Any ideas on a location that we could host a rally or 4-Wheel to Heal Event
  2. Spring 2018 Meeting – Will be held the weekend of April 14, 2018 details to be determined.  It was agreed that W4WDA will host the 2018 Spring Convention.
  3. Winter Meeting will be January 13, 2018 at Hidden Waters Golf Course in Waupaca at 9am.  It will be a potluck.  W4WDA  will provide the meat & buns.
  4. W4WDA tee-shirts – can now be ordered.  The shirts are available in gray or navy.  There is an order sheet available, which will be posted online.
  5.       Wis Dual Sport Riders – Alex Bubb – check the Wabeno area, they have a map of the area.  Must be a licensed vehicle.
  6. Banner Updates will be made (see previous notes)
  7. The Sunshine Fund will send $50 to Petey from MW4WDA.
  8. Rich Wise from 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers proposed that their club would make a one time $500 matching donation.  Criteria:  1)  all MW members make commitment 2) balance collected through dues 3) no checks will be cashed until enough is received 4) 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers would make up the difference of if all conditions are met.

Fall Elections:

  1. Region A – VP – Arnold Miller – white ballet cast
  2. Region C – VP – Helen Wagner – white ballet cast
  3. Region B – Asst VP – Rod Schneider – white ballet cast


  1. Adjourned

W4WDA Fall Meeting Minutes Oct 2016

October 16, 2016 Meeting Notes

I. Meeting called to order at 9 am at Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center –
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg

II. Roll Call – 19 people present

Officers/Board members present:
President – Sam Vandenberg, Region A V.P. – Arnie Miller, Region B V.P. – Orlin Clark, Region C V.P. – Helen Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, Treasurer – Mary Hoernke

Clubs Present:
Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers – Lone Riders 4X4 – 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, Inc – River City 4-Wheelers – 4X4 Forever, LTD. – Green Bay High Riders, LTD. – Trailgators 4-Wheelers, Inc.

III. Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV. Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

V. Guests: None

VI. Reports:
A. Pipeline – Nothing new
B. Web Page – Jan Kasper to work with Amanda Cottrell to keep website updated.
C. Bylaws/SOP – It has been many years since the bylaws/SOPs have been reviewed. It was decided that a committee should review them and bring back ideas for updating – Volunteers to review include: Amanda Cottrell, Jan Kasper & Helen Wagner
D. S.C.O.R.P. – see Luana;s report out – A survey has been sent out – everyone was encouraged to take the survey to provide feedback regarding the use of the trails by off-road vehicles.
E  . S.T.C. – see Luana’s report out – Tim Duenkel attended in Luana’s place at the August 12, 2016 meeting. A report of the meeting was sent to all W4WDA board, yahoo group and others. If you would like a copy – see Luana.
F. United Four Wheel Drive Association – see Luana’s report out – they will begin having spring and fall webinars to keep the delegates updated. If interested, see Luana.
G. MW4WDA – Nothing to report
H. WOHVA – has agreed to continue to work with W4WDA and will have their spring meeting the same weekend and same venue as W4WDA. Associate membership was discussed, Helen Wagner would like to be involved in the discussion.
I. Membership – Helen is working on an updated pamphlet. Chris sent the app to her for review. Orlin said that he was contacted by someone from the Crandon area that is interested in starting a club.

J. Motorized Recreation Area – see Luana’s report out – Everyone should talk to their local legislators in regard to needing motorized recreation areas that include four wheel drive vehicles such as jeeps, trucks, etc.
K. Rally – Nothing new
L. WORVPI – Nothing new, nothing updated since March.
M. LBR105- Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – see Luana’s report out – nothing new. Luana hopes to work with Tim Duenkel this fall to get this on the right path.

VII. Region Vice Presidents Report
A. There is no more Toys for Toys fund raiser – they suggested that donations be designated for a food shelf during the holiday season.
B. Nothing to Report
C. Titletown Jeepers will have their 2nd Annual Toys for Tots ride on December 3rd, starting in Green Bay and ending in Appleton. Just bring a toy to donate and you will be entered in the raffle, there are thousands of dollars of items to win.
Mary Hoernke made a motion to donate $100 to each region to donate to a locat charity in each region – motion passed.

VIII. Old Business
A. Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA is fighting this bill – Since it restricts modifications, it could affect off-road vehicles as well as race vehicles. We need to continue to watch this.
B. It was discussed how we could attract people that use social media for everything, such as facebook.
C. Trail specifications – see Luana’s report out – nothing new
D. Huston MN off road park – Orlin said there is no update, it is an ongoing process.
E. Conference Calling, Skype, we need this for the January meeting in case of weather issues.

IX. New Business
A. Any ideas on a location that we could host a Rally or different event? Frontenac Farms is too busy for 2017 to host.
B. Winter Meeting will be at Hidden Waters Golf Course – Waupaca, WI on 1/14/17
C. Spring Convention – April 7 – 9, 2017. WOHVA will host the combined convention this year. More information to follow.
D. WOHVA will be having Tread Lightly do a Tread Lightly Trainer class on April 7, 2017. This is an 8 hour class to certify you as a Tread Lightly Trainer. The cost is $74 per person. If anyone is interested let Tim Duenkel or Sam Vandenberg know.
E. We discussed a new place to go off-roading called Freedom Ridge which is southwest of Gilbert. Information can be found at www.freedomridgerocks.com
F. 2017 Fall Convention – everyone seems to like the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells. The dates would be October 20-22, 2017. We should go ahead and book the room if possible.

X. Fall Elections 2016
A. President – Sam Vandenberg- accepted nomination for re-election
Same nominated Gil Wagner, who declined.
White ballot was passed for Sam Vandenberg.
B. Region B VIce President – Orlin Clark – accepted nomination for re-election
Nominations: None
White ballot was passed for Orlin Clark.
C. Region A Assistant Vice President – Nate Odman – declined
Nominations: Bev Miller
White ballot was passed for Bev Miller.
D. Region C Assistant Vice President – Jesse Thompson – decline
Nominations: Gil Wagner
White ballot was passed for Gil Wagner
E. Treasurer – Mary Hoernke – accepted nomination for re-election
Nominations: None
White ballot was passed for Mary Hoernke
F. Secretary – Jan Kasper

XI. Adjourned

W4WDA October 2016 Meeting Notes [511]

W4WDA Fall 2015 Meeting minutes

Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association

10-17-2015 Fall Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order at: 9:24 a.m.

Reading of Mission Statement.

  1. Roll Call 27 people present.

Officers/Board members present.

President-Sam Vandenberg, Region A V.P.-Arnold Miller, Region C V.P.-Helen Wagner, Region C                                             Assistant V.P.-Jesse Thompson, State Director-Luana Schneider.

Clubs present.

Borderline 4×4 Trail Seekers – Loan Riders 4×4 – 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers – Road Side 4 wheelers – 4×4        Forever Ltd. – Green Bay High Riders Ltd. – Trail Gators 4 Wheeler Inc.

III. Secretary’s report – accepted as printed.

  1. Treasury report – Mary not present – Report accepted as printed.
  2. No Guests
  3. Reports
  4. Pipe line – does not open until June 1. No clean-up efforts this year – not much left to wheel on – just mud holes left now
  5. Jesse registered the w4wda.com domain name – it is being forwarded to the w4wda.org site – the association voted to reimburse Jess for the 3 year registration of $155

Discussed e-mails to the membership for spreading the word about the meetings and conventions

Noted that not everyone had e-mail access and that a text notification may help

  1. Bylaws/SOP – nothing.
  2. S.C.O.R.P. – Grants may have been elliminated.
  3.  State Trails Council – minutes are posted on the website – noted that 2 key people on the committee that we’ve worked with have recently retired – these folks were up to speed on our 4 wheel drive needs – we’ll need to rebuild this relationship and educate the now members when they come onboard – no ETA on replacements – budget constraints may be a factor in this – mentioned the DNR needs to setup a road inventory – this is both paved and 2 track primitive roads – some discussion was had on the width of trails – this may eliminate our ability to be allowed on some of the trails due to vehicle size – all of these roads need to go through a master plan to identify the trail and accessibility for each trail –

Noted that there has been a lot of push back on the Sauk Prairie recreation area for anything motorized – this has even gotten to the point where a local rocketry club is being shot down… to use the area for rocket launching a few times a year.

Some discussions was had around leaving a foot print on the trails that we ride on – we need to be able to fund our sport and bringing in revenue to help repair and maintain trails –

Discussed that we may need to consider on “focus points” – No one person can do this alone – The group needs to support efforts and pitch in – if we just talk about stuff – nothing will really get done – There was a lot of “passion” bubbling up around working towards getting/keeping trails open

I will say that there was a lot of valid points made – not everyone wanted to hear these comments and observations – then again – this is not the first time these points have been made – nobody is grabbing the torch and running with it – this is the

Helen made a request that we come up with 5 focus points for the January meeting – we can review this ideas and pick 3 and run with them.

Luana would like to see that no more trails are closed on forest land – while this is not entirely possible – if we peruse this goal we can retain some % of open trails –   Also – we need to take advantage of funds like RTP and find ways to use this to better the sport.

  1. United Four Wheel Drive Association – Nothing.
  2. MW4WDA – nothing.
  3. WOHVA – they have secured 3 more years of events at Mole lake – so there will be at least 2 events a year on the property – the jamboree and GNTR – This year’s GNTR had a good turn out – noted that Jon is working towards getting more trails open on the property – this would allow for spreading out the trucks and keeping the trails in better condition – this could then allow for more events on the property.

Looking at moving towards a more focused goal between the WOHVA and W4WDA.  We hope to be able to join up with them for convention at some point – hopefully next year we can make this happen.

  1. Helen will be sending out a membership packet to Title Town Jeepers – they may be looking to join WI
  2. Lake States resource alliance has disbanded – funds were dispersed out to several different groups – W4WDA was not a recipient (Tax status has a play on that)
  3. Sauk Praire Recreation Area – Noted that there has been a lot of push back on the Sauk Prairie recreation area for anything motorized – this has even gotten to the point where a local rocketry club is being shot down… to use the area for rocket launching a few times a year.
  4. MRA – Luana reviewed what the MRA is responsible for – no new news on from the MRA
  5. Jesse and Joel will look into a Rally for 4 wheel to heal for Wisconsin – will need to head up the committee again to move this forward.

A proposal was made have an event or a convention at the Farm in Red Wing MN $40 a vehicle is the minim and we need to have 15 trucks – we would need to charge more to cover the additional insurance that the W4WDA would be responsible for if we decide to take in money for the association or a charity  –  would like to get a more formal proposal for January.

  1. WORVPI – nothing.
  2. AB369(Sticker/decal program) – Needs to be re-introduced.

VII. Region Vice President Reports

  1. Arnold Miller – Toys for Tots October 24 at Frontenac Farms, $25/truck + toy.
  2. Orlin Clark – Orlin and Ginny are celebrating their 50th anniversary.
  3. Helen Wagner – 4×4 Forever had a fund raiser for Old Glory Honor Flights, and volunteered at last Quarry Quest Charity event.

VIII. Break

  1. Old Business
  2. Winter meeting will be at Hidden Waters  Golf Course,  E4480 State Road 22-54  Waupaca, WI 54983 on January 9, 2016. Board meeting at 8:45am, membership meeting at 9:00am.  There will be a Pot Luck Lunch, W4WDA will provide sloppy joe and everyone else is asked to bring a dish.  (Anyone remember who was going to handle the sloppy joe?).  Arnold and Bev donated speakers and we will be setting up conference calling or skype for the meeting.
  3.   Spring Convention – Spring Convention is being hosted by 4×4 Forever Ltd. and will be at the Ramada Grand Seasons Hotel in Waupaca, WI(110 Grand Seasons Dr, Waupaca, WI 54981. 1-715-258-9212)Room rates are $89.99/night use code MW4WDA when reserving rooms.  on April 15-17, 2016. More info has been sent out and more will be.
  4. Trail Specifications requested by DNR – had seperate group meeting to discuss this.
  5. Houston Park is still moving forward – all land/property studies are completed and the town is all on-board. There is a new private park in MN that recently opened – that same group is planning on opening another private park near Houston http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ohv/difficulty.html
  6. Conference Calling/Skype – Arny and Bev Miller donated speakers to use for this.  Will be tried at Winter meeting.
  7. New Business
  8. Any ideas where to host 4-wheel-to-heal or another event,  Let Jesse Thompson know.

   B. MW4WDA Fall 2016 Convention will be held at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells again on October 16, 2016.  Sam Vandenberg will be handling this again.  room rates are $79.00/night.  100 North Gasser Road  (or 100 Gasser Road),  Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin  53965. 608-254-2285

 XI. Fall Election Results

   A. Region A Vice President – Arnold Miller

   B. Region B Assistant Vice President – Dave Bahr

   C. Region C Vice President – Helen Wagner

   D. Secretary –  Vacant, no nominations

Elections for fall 2016

   President – Sam Vandenberg

   Region B Vice President – Orlin Clark

   Region A Assistant Vice President – Nate Odman

   Region C Assistant Vice President – Jesse Thompson

   Treasurer – Mary Hoernke

   Secretary – Jan Kasper

XIII. Meeting Adjourned at 11:42am.

Does anyone know where the W4WDA banner/flag is?

Thank you Jesse for taking notes and video of the meeting.

Thank you to Jan Kasper for stepping up and volunteering to take the Secretary position later Saturday night after the meeting.

2015 W4WDA Spring Convention meeting minutes

Thank you Jesse Thompson for taking notes.

Wisconsin Spring Convection 4-18-2015

Board Meeting

No changes to memos or notes

Board meeting called to order at 9:08

Board meeting closed at 9:11


Meet started at 9:15

Roll Call taken

Officers/Board present – Sam Vandenberg, Arnold Miller, Orlin Clark, Dave Bahr, Helen Wagner, Jesse Thompson, Luana Schneider.

Clubs present – Borderline 4×4 Trailseekers, Lone Riders 4×4, 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, River City 4-Wheelers, Burr Oak Off-Road Machines, 4×4 Forever LTD., Green Bay High Riders LTD., Trailgators 4-Wheelers Inc., Twin City Bushwackers,

Secretary’s report –  Was accepted as printed. Still need someone to fill this position.

Treasures report – Was accepted as printed

One question on printing expenses came up – this was for membership cards – we received about 3000 cards that should last us for then several years.

Guests –  Karl Miller was present he is the president from a local ATV organization.  He is here to learn more about us and see how we can work together   Jacksoncountyatv.org is his club site – the local trails here are wide enough for UTV with about a 60” width mark.  They have been working with the county to make the trails even wider.  Noted that trail width is actually up to the local county.  Most areas have been opened up to 60”

Pipeline – Opens up on June 1st – most of it’s closed at this point

Webpage – Noted that Jesse will look wi4wda.org and check to see if we can purchase it.  If you want anything posted on the site – send it to Amanda C.

STC –  next meeting is April 27th in Fitchburg on 3911 fish hatcher road

It was noted in the budget that “all roads” must be classified.  Whether it is off-road, trail, or road. Currently they need to classify the type of roads.  It was mentioned by Luana that the DNR has termed the type of trail/road that we want to ride on as “Nature Based”.  This classification is all being done by the DNR with no input from other areas.  The Park and Recreation group was unaware that this road classification action was happening

MW4WDA – No claims have been filed this year – the insurance dues did go up about $300 this year.

WOHVA – Will be hosting the GNT and Jeep Jamboree rides – also looking at an event for wounded worriers – this is 4 wheel to heal This event will be held the 1st of August.  John Lewins has been nominated as the CEO of WohVA.

Joel noted that they need volunteers as well have veterans to attend the event. The cost will be $50 and this includes lunch and dinner.  It was noted that some people will need rides and others will bring their own.  To do the ride along will require a spill kit.  This is a one-day event.

A motion was made to provide up to $600 dollars towards the efforts of this event.  This motion was passed – the money will need final approval from the board.

Volunteers would not need to pay a fee as long they do not ride on the trails.  This event is not open to the public – it is for the veterans – our participation will be to provide them with rides.

There will be pre-registration for the event and most likely close down in mid-July.

Membership – No new clubs or news at this time

LSAR – There will be a meeting in July to determine who it will be dissolved and where the funds will be disburse.  W4WDA has request some of the funds be allotted to us.  The tax status with LSAR may impact the way this distribution can be handled.  They are a 501c3 and it sounds like the funds can only be transferred to another 501c3 organization

Sauk Prairie – April 11th the roads will be open for travel. There also a lot of turmoil around the use of this land – several organization would like this to be none motorized and on the other side many organizations want trails. It was noted that there is some sections in the area that are suitable for moderate trail use for your average 4 wheel drive vehicle.

MRA – No new news at this time.

Region Reports

Region A:  Discussed the phone conference from last month and that we’ll use it going forward

Region B: Nothing significant to report

Region C: Nothing new to report – Contact Hellen if you need to call a Region C Meeting

Old Business

Fall meeting/convention will be held at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center October 16 – 18, 2015.  This is located in Wisconsin Dells so there is plenty of things to do when not in meetings.  Rooms are $79.00 per night with choice of 2-queen beds or 1-king with sofa and whirlpool.  There is only 12 rooms blocked so please reserve soon so more rooms can be added if needed.  To reserve rooms call (800)-648-4765 press 1 and ask for  MW4WDA block.  I am not planning a dinner unless there is enough requests for one.  Contact Sam Vandenberg with any questions (920)-268-6869 or broncosam1618@yahoo.com.

Winter meeting is January 9th at the Waupaca hidden waters golf resort.

Trail specifications – Luana – gave overview of what we would like for trails.  We are being asked to provide more bullet points of what we need.  It is difficult to explain to non-trail riding folks on what type of trails we like to wheel on.


John Schnorr called into the meeting at 10:42

Jon Schnorr will be giving an overview

Forest County continues to make progress at a snail’s pace.  The informed decisions process has taking a long time.  This has been dragging on since December.  There has been some interest by some private individuals to help with the park.  John discussed some other options that will be looked at to keep this project moving.  There are also other areas in Wisconsin that are being looked at. Currently working with the county governments’.  The other counties are interested and they are currently working to develop relationships with the townships.  The potential for success in these other areas is much greater in these areas, however this would be less acreage than the planned 10000 acres.  It was discussed that there was an allocation in the state budget for funding by the government, however forest county did not take advantage of this.  Today the land generates about $10 an acre.  The park would make this jump up to about $138 an acre.  This is across all forest land, not just the park land.

Sticker Program – The legislation for the sticker program is dead.  This would not to basically start all over again.  There was also not enough support for it.  It does not sound like anyone will be picking this backup up.

New Business

Luanna reviewed the news spot for the usage of trails.  This included horses on the trails and winching activities.  This ride consisted of 6 vehicles and a news report filming the event.  The news spot is out on the YouTube if you want to watch it

Update on Huston MN off road park – Orlin

The park is progressing at a good pace at this point.  They have had a few issues along the way but have able to work past them.  Everything is still in progress and have local support.  They continue to buy more land.  It is approaching about 700 acres at this time.

Spring Convention 2016 will be held at the Ramada Grand Seasons Hotel in Waupaca April 15-17, 2016. 4×4 Forever will be hosting the 2016 Spring Convention – Jesse handed out flyers to “save the date.”  It was discussed that there is interest in doing this convention together with WHOVA.  John Lewins has been contacted and will be bringing it up to the WOHVA board next month. More details to come as discussions are had.

Was noted to have Mary provide and updated membership list so we can update the e-mail lists.

Talked about engaging Crandon to see if we can possibly hold some sort of event at the raceway since they now have additional trails and a rock crawling section.  I can look out to see if Chris, Brian, or John to see if they have any contacts or information around this.


It was brought up that people need to register for stuff earlier so there is no last minute issues with attendance at events.

Fall Elections

Region A Vice President:  Arnold Miller -yes

Region B Assistant Vice President: Dave Bahr – yes

Region C Vice President:  Helen Wagner – yes

Secretary – still vacant

Meeting adjourned at 11:31 a.m

2015 Winter Meeting Minutes


Jan 10, 2015


Review and revised agenda as needed.


President Sam Vandenberg called the meeting to order at 9:26am.  Mission statement was read.

Roll call – Attendance sheet was passed around.  Board members: Sam Vandenberg, Mary Hoernke, Orlin Clark, Arnie Miller, Helen Wagner, Luana Schneider, Jesse Thompson & 8 Clubs present.

Secretary’s Report – Motion to approve the secretary’s report as printed and distributed made by Mark White, 2nd by Chris Hannis Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report  – Discussion was had regarding paying of UFWDA dues when dues on-behalf of W4WDA are due.  Motion to pay/renew UFWDA Dues when membership due made by Orlin Clark, 2nd by Helen Wagner.  Motion Carried.   Discussion Regarding Filling the Secretary’s UFWDA membership with another member who could represent W4WDA at UFWDA meetings, Orlin Clark nominated Telle from Weekend 4Wheelers, no other names were brought forward, Mary Hoernke will add Telle to the list of memberships for UEWDA.  Discussion regarding emailing/mailing out Treasurer’s report to members attending via teleconference prior to the meeting.  Mary will email/mail out report prior to meetings to those she knows will be attending via teleconference.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report as printed and distributed made by Amanda Cottrell, 2nd by Orlin Clark.  Motion Carried.  She will also send an electronic copy to the officers so they can send out even the day of the meeting.

Committee Reports: 

Pipeline –   No new information at this time.

Website – Chris Hannis asked if W4WDA would like him to contact the previous owner of the web address for W4WDA (WI4WDA.org).  Motion to spend up to $200 to pay the previous owner for the website, made by Mark White, 2nd by Mary Hoernke, motion passed.  Discussion regarding the BOD list, Membership & Club list missing from the webpage.  Amanda Cottrell added the BOD list and membership information back to the menu bar prior to the end of the meeting.  Mary Hoernke will get a Club membership to Amanda once the 2015 Club dues are paid.  Send any information to Amanda Cottrell and she will update website.

Bylaws/SOP – Nothing to report at this time.

SCORP – Nothing new to report at this time.

STC – The November meeting was held in Lapham Peak.  Of particular interest was the fact that in the budget bill there was a charge that all State roads in State Parks and Forests be identified, classified and mapped.  Something we need to watch closely.  For further info on that meeting go to the State Trails Council website at dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/stc /

UFWDA – New President was elected, Tom Mandra.  Currently the Treasurer’s seat is vacant, however Bob Devore is filling in until a new person is elected.  UFWDA will continue to hold 4 meetings/year and they will continue with Webinars for their meetings in 2015.  The next meeting is January 13.

WOHVA – Great Northern Trail ride, August 13, 14, 15th. Early registration is open now on WOHVA.com.

MW4WDA – Nothing new to report.

WORVPI – More support is being seen from the local population.  This project continues to be a work in progress and currently is Status Quo.

Membership – Nothing new to report.

Lake States Resource Alliance (LSRA) – Helen Wagner reported that LSRA is on schedule to dissolve in July 2015.  Helen has requested the process by which organizations can ask for LSRA funds to be distributed, with no response.  She will draft letters on behalf of W4WDA & UFWDA and send them to LSRA requesting donations be made to them.

Motorized Recreation Area – Nothing new

RTP –Request for funds need to be applied for by May 1

Rally – Jesse Thompson has been working with John Lewins on a possibility of having a rally type event at the Mole lake property.  Joel Kasper reported that Mole Lake is looking to hold more events on their property and they are willing to work with other groups to make that happen.  Joel has also been working with John Lewins and we have the opportunity to have an event that will help Veterans get off road.  The organization is called 4Wheel to Heal.  This event was presented to WOHVA as well and there is interest to co-sponsor the event.  Event insurance would be needed for this event.  Orlin Clark made a motion to have W4WDA purchase the event insurance for a co-sponsored event with a projected cost of no more than $250 per day, 2nd by Mark White, motion carried.   No date is set yet however it would be sometime at the end of July/beginning of August.

Region A report – Arnie Miller discussed the Toy for tot’s event held at the farm.  96 Trucks & 28 ATV’s/UTV’s were in attendance.

Region B report – Orlin Clark discussed Houston, MN off road park.  More land was bought for the park, they currently are planning on approximately 700 ac.  There will be work weekends coming up this summer, with possible camping availability.  Contact Orlin for more information.

Region C report – Helen Wagner had nothing new to report.

Old Business:

  1. Conference Calling- Luana Schneider has found a no cost conference call that can be used for the meetings.  No Cost conference calling and Skype were tested at this meeting with Arnie & Bev Miller. It worked well, although it would be nice to figure out how to get things up on a bigger screen and/or louder through a speaker.  Arnie & Bev will check out speakers.
  2. Winter Meeting 2016 – looking for volunteers to host the winter meeting.  With no new volunteers stepped forward it was decided to have the 2016 meeting at  Hidden Waters Resort in Waupaca January 9, 2016


New Business:

  1. Fall meeting 2015 location?  Black River Falls?  No decisions made on this at this time.
  2. Spring Meeting April 2016 location/host club volunteer – 4×4 Forever is considering hosting the 2016 meeting.  More news to follow at upcoming meetings.

Fall 2014 Elections

Region A Vice President – Arnie Miller is re running.

Region B Assistant Vice President – Dave Bahr is re running.

Secretary – Not filled need nominations!

Region C Vice President – Helen Wagner is re running.

2015 Spring Convention is April 17-19th at the Best Western Arrowhead Lodge, Black River Falls WI.  Host is 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers. Luana Schneider is requesting ideas for presenters be sent to her.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Amanda Cottrell, 2nd by Mary Hoernke.  Motion Carried.  Meeting adjourned 12:12pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Amanda Cottrell, Filling in for Secretary & Sam Vandenberg, President.

01102015 W4WDA Minutes

Minutes from Fall 2014 Meeting

Fall 2014 W4WDA minutes



October 11, 2014

Black River Falls, WI


Review and revised agenda as needed.



President Sam Vandenberg called the meeting to order at 8:53 am.

Roll call was held.

Secretary’s Report was approved with correction.

Treasurer’s Report  none was available.

Committee Reports;

Pipeline- none

Website- Send any information to Amanda Cottrell and she will update website.

Bylaws/SOP- Nothing to report.

SCORP-Nothing new.

STC- The next meeting is November 13.  At the meeting in July there was a presentation from the hiking and snowmobile representatives.

UFWDA- Luana participated in a conference call meeting in early October and has a power point program that UFWDA put together. UFWDA is having issues with continuing the insurance program. The website has been down as there are some issues with it. The fiscal year will finish in the black. There is a new membership director and business manager. This is helping to free up some time for the President and Vice President as they have been doing most of the work.

MW4WDA- All 4 wheel drive clubs that belong to MW4WDA, with a 100% of their members sign up, are  aware that their trail ride/events are covered under the insurance policy that MW4WDA pays for. This is a very valuable asset to have available to local clubs. Currently membership per person is $10.00.

WOHVA- given by Sam Vandenberg. There was a golf outing last weekend that WOHVA sponsored. He attended the general meeting. The Great Northern Trail Ride is growing more popular. There was discussion about WOHVA’s spill kit and the rule that each vehicle must carry one. WOHVA is setting up a chain saw training course for January or February which will be posted on their website. Currently there are 150 members in WOHVA.

Membership—nothing new.

Lake States Resource Alliance (LSRA)—Helen Wagner reported that this organization may dissolve in July 2015 if no one steps forward to fill the offices of President and other empty positions. The precedure to dissolve is left to the Board of Directors and not the membership of LSRA. Helen is going to do some checking into the bylaws and check on the process of dissolution. There are many restrictions on the logging industry and lots of hoops for them to jump through. OHV users may lose out if this connection to the timber industry is lost.

Motorized Recreation Area- Luana Schneider reported that Wisconsin is still looking for property closer to urban areas for an off road park.  Near Menominee there are thousands of acres on the Wisconsin/Michigan border with OHV access. The middle section has official trails for four wheel drive vehicles, Luana was not sure how these trails were marked. You may view maps on the DNR website. Meanwhile in the Rome, WI area, the easement with Plum Creek will hopefully include 4WD vehicles.

Rally-  Jesse Thompson reported on the online survey that took place late last year. He suggested that W4WDA host a guided trail ride like the Great Northern Trail Ride. He has talked with John L. about the possibility of using the Mole Lake area. For the first year only inviting members of W4WDA and perhaps MW4WDA. John L. would like a date to bring forth to the tribal council to be approved.  There was discussion on the width of the trails, insurance coverage and prizes/door prizes. A motion was passed to move forward with this event. If you would like to volunteer for this contact Jesse Thompson.

WORVPI- reported by Sam Vandenberg. Apparently there was a misunderstanding with the Forest county board and when the grants would need to be paid back. These grants apparently do not need to be paid back until the area is logged which may not be for another 50 years. Forest county will need to visit their land use plan and make changes to allow WORVPI to happen. There was discussion on the area to be used for the park.

AB369- reported on by Luana. There is a need for more Senators to sponsor this bill in the senate. If anyone has connections with the Senate please contact John Schnorr on the WORVPI website.

Region A report by Arnold and Beverly Miller, October 25th will be Toys For Tots at a private location in Minnesota. $40/truck and $5/passenger. Contact Arnold by email for details.

Region B has no report.

Region C has no report.

New Business

-In an effort to spread the W4WDA meeting area, there will be a request from a different region to host the Winter Meeting in 2016.

-WORVPI’s Memo of Understanding was voted on and passed to sign agreement.

-The Wisconsin Department of Resources will have a presentation at the State Trails Council on the process of mapping and planning motorized access.

-It was decided  John L. would be contacted for group access to the Mole Lake property for trail riding.



President- Sam Vandenberg

Secretary-open, need volunteer.

Treasurer- Mary Hoernke

Region A,  Assistant VP- Nate Odman

Region B VP- Orlin Clark

Region C,  Assistant VP- Jesse Thompson

Adjourned  12;23pm.

The Winter Meeting will be  9:00am, January 10, 2014 at Hidden Waters in Waupaca with a potluck lunch.

Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Bahr, Secretary