Hip Hip Hooray… WATVA/W4WDA/WC4WD CONVENTION has been Rescheduled

New convention dates are set with WATVA Association.

Dates are December 4-6  2020.

At the Holiday Inn and Conference Center Stevens Point, WI 544821001 Amber Ave. Stevens Point
Phone 1-715-344-0200   

Mention Wis. ATV Association for discount.
$118.99 Single or Double bed per night.

We currently do not know what time our meeting will be, more info to follow…

We wanted to get the dates & info out there ASAP so you could reserve your room before they’re gone.

Hope to see you all there!!

W4WDA Jan 11 2020 Meeting minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 9:15am Reading of Mission Statement – Helen Wagner

II. Roll Call – 20 People in attendance Officers/Board Members in Attendance: President – Helen Wagner; Region B Vice President – Orlin Miller; Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary –Jan Kasper; Treasurer – Mary Hoernke Clubs Present: 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; 4×4 Forever Ltd; Twin City Bushwackers; Weekend 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers

III. Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV. Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V. Guests: None

VI. Reports:

  • A. Pipeline – Harold Hoernke heard from a family nearby that it was in bad condition at this time. Jon Fintelman asked if we should contact the Forestry Service. Chris Hannis though we should let the legislature know this is what happens without rules. This is part of the Lakewood Forest Service
  • B. Web Page – Brian Swearingen sent an email that as of 1/1/20 he could no longer host the website. This may be a mute point since this will all be transitioning to the new WC4WD site. Should redirect the current page to the new page. We need to see about saving the history. Will ask Brian Swearingen to send us the data.
  • C. S.C.O.R.P. – Done – can be removed from agenda
  • D. S.T.C. – see directors report – could provide member numbers which would help for future state plans.
  • E. United Four Wheel Drive Association – see directors report
  • F. Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. – may have a new contact with a new 4×4 Forever Club Member, will continue to pursue
  • G. Motorized Recreation Area –
    • Juneau County update – there is now a MOU in place for use of the property. Will start building in April, but it depends on the weather. Hope to have an event there yet this fall.
    • Jon Fintelman provided an update on the Big Snow opportunity – Jon, Chris Hannis and Richard Wise have been working on it. Rich emailed Steve at Big Snow with ideas to make it a business opportunity. Big Snow wants events yet this year. Steve would like the group to meet with more people to discuss it. Group is Expected to present it for the future wheelers. They offer good housing at just $49. Suggest that all three groups need volunteers to support all groups. Luana thought all opportunities should go through Joel as the chair of the land access for the new coalition. Each project should have a coordinator who reports to Joel. Pete Rohde is coordinating the
    • Road America project – a Midwest Media event for media and wants the group to help set up trails for stock vehicles, many brands from Subaru to Jeep. He will need help on May 21st for event – contact Pete Rohde.

H. Trail Specifications – Waiting for elections and new representation

I. MW4WDA – Butch Chapin has been elected president, they will be in Attendance at the April 2020 meeting.

J. WOHVA – currently in the wind down mode – GNTR is still planned for August 15th weekend at Apple Valley.

K. Membership – DONE

L. Events – 2020 – DONE – see coalition

M. ROA – Now called Master Plans – See director report

N. RL4WD – has many post online for their events

O. Stakeholders – Next meeting will be 1/30/20 at the Dreyfus Room at UW-Stevens Point. One person to represent and it was decided that it would be Ryan Harden with Luana as the back-up. It consists of state, county and forestry people. Someone from the coalition should represent the group when Luana can’t be there. A new recreation department supported by the tourism council. Established in other states. Minnesota is ahead by 6-7 months.

VII. Region Vice Presidents Report

  • A. Arnold Miller – Not in attendance, Veterans Ride was again a big success.
  • B. Orlin Clark – Nothing New
  • C. Gil Wagner – Nothing New

VIII. Old Business

  • A Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill –
  • B. How to attract people that use social media – on-going issue, will be a top priorty for the new coalition
  • C. Huston MN off road park – slow progress

IX. New Business

  • A. Future dues – any group who pays dues for 2020 will automatically be part of the WC4WD. Will still collect dues under W4WDA for 2020.
  • B. Spring Meeting – Will be 4/3 – 4/5 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point. Will be in conjunction with WATVA. Room rate is $118 for a double or king room, and $148 for a suite – block is under “WATVA”. Cut off is 3/4/20 for that rate. Call 715-344-0200.
  • C. Events 2020: Will pass for 2020. This should be a coalition event going for-ward. Jon Fintelman asked what is there, today era of 4 wheel drive is differ-ent than what we have had in the past

X. Transition

  • A. Mary Hoernke, Luana Schneider and Jan Kasper to discuss ideas for dissolution.

XI. Adjourn



DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID-19 PANDEMIC, THE SPRING CONVENTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED. As we navigate these difficult times, we wish for you all to stay healthy, practice good hand hygiene & self distancing. Please follow the guidelines set forth by your local public health offices as well as your local, state & federal governments. For more information regarding covid-19 please go to cdc.gov webpage or see your local hospital website. We will update you as soon as a new date, time & place for convention are figured out! Thank you & best wishes!

SPRING CONVENTION in conjunction with the WATVA (Wisconsin ATV Association)and the WI Motorcycle group

April 3-5

Stevens Point Holiday Inn Convention Center

1001 Amber St Stevens Point WI 54482

Cost $119.00 Call the direct number 715-344-0200 and ask for the block of rooms for WATVA The national number will tell you they are full There is also a Holiday Inn Express at 1100 Amber St Stevens Point, but when I called there they were full 715-344-0000


Please use the above link to register for the appropriate workshops & for Saturdays group dinner.

W4WDA FALL Convention Meeting Minutes

          October 12, 2019 Meeting Notes

I.        Meeting called to order at 9AM

II.       Roll Call – 26 people in attendance

          Officers/Board Members in Attendance:

          President:  Helen Wagner, Region A Vice President – Arnie Miller, Region B Vice President – Orlin Clark, Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, Treasurer – Mary Hoernke.

          Clubs Present:

          Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers; 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers; Weekend 4-Wheelers; 4X4 Forever Ltd: Twin City Bushwackers

III.      Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V.       Guests:  None

VI.      Reports:

          A.       Pipeline – nothing new, noted that it is open 6/1 to 3/14, per DNR website

          B.       Web Page – if you want something posted, get it to Amanda Cottrell

          C.       S.C.O.R.P. – see directors report

          D.       S.T.C. – see directors report

          E.       United Four Wheel Drive Association – see directors report

          F.       Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. – see directors report

          G.      Motorized Recreation Area + Land Use Discussions

                    Alex Bub talked about an opportunity at Road America – working to develop trails.  They are looking for assistance with media day in May 2020.  Would consider a possible event next October, was a very high level discussion.  Group suggested we help with the May event first and move towards more.  Alex will get some dates and times when we could meet with them to discuss the May event.

                    Alex also has talked to Steve Eliason from Big Snow Resort, he is the community outreach director.  It is in the Indianhead/Blackjack area of the UP.  They have 1600 acres, some trails already there.  Steve was available later in the day for questions and answers.

                    Joel Kasper has been meeting with a landowner in Juneau County.  Planning to go to the property the weekend of October 26th to evaluate the area to see what is there now that the leaves are off.  Looking to have an event there in 2020.

          H.       Trail Specifications – hasn’t heard anything, possibility waiting for election results

          I.        MW4WDA – meeting late same day, will be holding elections

          J.       WOHVA – Tim Duenkel, President of WOHVA reported that they had two events this year, (1)GNTR was held in August.  Had a good turnout, with a profit of about $1,000.  (2) Fall Color Ride in the Wabeno area, 18 vehicles attended. 

          K.       Membership – Helen was recently approached by someone looking to start a club, she shared information regarding incorporating.

          L.       Events – 2020  –  currently on hold.

          M.      ROA- see director report – going forward, this will be replaced with “Master Plans”

VII.     Region Vice Presidents Report

          A.       Arnold Miller – Thanked everyone who attended Frontenac Farms, Had $11 vehicles.  Frontenace Farms waived costs for W4WDA again this year..  They will also be having the Veterans Ride at Frontenac Farms on the weekend of October 25-27. 

          B.       Orlin Clark – Nothing new – Discussed LaFarge area not working right now due to ATV usage in the past.

          C.       Gil Wagner – recently was talking to some young men about the importance of being involved in clubs.

VIII.    Old Business

          A        Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – hasn’t heard anything recently

          B.       How to attract people that use social media – no new ideas, still trying to get younger people involved

          C.       Huston MN off road park –  still happening but progressing very slowly

          D.       W4WDA Flyer – Helen has it as a PDF, let her know if you need a copy

          E.       Insurance – no change

IX.      New Business

A.       Winter Meeting – January 11, 2020, Hidden Waters Golf Course in Waupaca.  Board meeting at 8:30am; General Meeting at 9am

          B.       Spring 2020 Meeting – Location TBD – Combine with WATVA?  Currently have the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells tentatively booked for 4/17-4/19, or we can combine with WATVA the weekend of 4/3-4/5 at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point.  More details to come.

          C.       New Clubs – Updates from VPs – Nothing new

          D.       W4WDA/WOHVA Merge Vote – tabled until after the elections

X.       2020 Elections

                    Region A – Vice President – Arnie Miller – white ballot vote

                    Region B – Asst. Vice President – Ginny Clark – white ballot vote

                    Region C – Vice President – Gil Wagner – white ballot vote

                    State Director – Luana Schneider – white ballot vote

XI.      Vote held for W4WDA and WOHVA to merge – the vote of attending clubs was a tie at 3 for/3against.  Tie was broken and approved by the President – Helen Wagner.  Merge will proceed.

XII.     Adjourn

W4WDA Spring Meeting minutes 2019


April 2019 Meeting minutes

I.        Meeting called to order at 9AM

II.       Roll Call – 24 people in attendance

Officers/Board Members in attendance:  President – Helen Wagner, Region A Vice President – Arnie Miller; Region B Vice President – Orlin Clark; Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary – Jan Kasper; Treasurer – Mary Hoernke.

Clubs Present:  Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers; 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers; 4X4 Forever; Twin City Bushwackers.

III.      Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V.       Guests – None

VI.      Reports:

A.       Pipeline – nothing new

B.       Web Page – if anyone wants a document posted, send as a word document to Amanda Cottrell. 

C.       S.C.O.R.P. – has been approved.  The 4WD community is in it.

D.       S.T.C. – see directors report for an update

E.       United Four Wheel Drive Association – trying to get more info, not sure where it is going.

F.       Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – Luana was waiting for a call back, We need a point person for this.  They work with a committee

G.      Motorized Recreation Area – nothing new – see directors report for an update

H.       Trail Specifications – Joel turned it in.  Bridget said to wait for more detail after the next election

  1. MW4WDA – meeting was scheduled after this meeting, unsure if there will be enough funds for insurance

J.       WOHVA – discussion tabled until later in the meeting

K.       Membership – Since this position was open, Helen asked Sam Vandenberg if he     would take the position and he accepted.

L.       Rally – Frontenac Farms June 21-23, 2019 – Arnie Miller is chair

M.      ROA – Nothing new

VII.     Region Vice Presidents Report

A.       Arnold Miller – the Veterans Run will be October 25-29, 2019. A motion was passed to donate $250 to the Veterans Run.  Weekend 4-Wheelers is doing a trail ride at SHORR on Sept. 19th.

B.       Orlin Clark – he is trying to recruit help in the region

C.       Gil Wagner – nothing new to report Helen would like to schedule conference calls quarterly with the VPs & Board members. Tuesday probably works best.  She will send out invites.

VIII.    Old Business

A        Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill  – Nothing new, info can be found on SEMA website

B.       How to attract people that use social media – need ideas – need more youth involve.  Richard Wise said his group takes off road vehicles to car shows, lots of people show interest.

C.       Huston MN off road park – it is hard to get info.  No trails have been built recently.  Probably not happening this year.

D.       Wisconsin Flyer Update – Helen had a co-worker update the flyer. Helen will send as a PDF.  Motion was approved to spend $50.

IX.      New Business

A.       Frontenac Farms – Arnie Miller asked what the group was expecting from the event.  The will be no meal this year.  Costs will be the same as last year.  The flyer for the event will be available on line, registration should be sent to Mary Hoernke.         

B.       Fall 2019 Meeting – October 11-13, 2019 Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells – Room cost is $79, block is under “MW4WDA BLOCK”  —  Information is posted on the website        

C.       Winter Meeting – January 11, 2020 at Hidden Waters Golf Course in Waupace.  Board meeting at 8:30am, general meeting at 9am

Luana brought up future meetings.  She suggested that we combine sites with WAFTA – spring meeting only.  May be a good way to talk to more groups and communicate better.  Tim Duenkel mentioned that WOHVA likes the idea too.  Maybe not next year, but possibly in the future.  Luana will try to found out more information.

D.       Membership Position – Sam Vanderberg has accepted the position

E.       W4WDA t-shirts are available – orders will go through Mary Hoernke, Amanda will post information on the website

F.       Insurance – Midwest will pay again this year.  WI could join as a group but the cost is $10 per person.  W4WDA could possibly get their own insurance similar to what MN4WDA does.  Butch will check to see if WI could go through MW4WDA and/or get a

Separate policy for WI alone.  Tim Duenkel commented that the cost of the policy t   hat WOHVA currently has is less than the others.

G.      New Clubs –  Helen asked the VPs to see what clubs are in their areas.  Orlin could do a checklist of what the VP’s need to do to create new clubs.  The checklist is online, registration is easy, they could go with standard by-laws.

H.       Membership – U4WDA Helen wanted to know if W4WDA is still a member, Mary confirmed that we are still a member.  She is currently waiting for the bill.

I.        Donation – Amanda Cottrell will be traveling to Guatemala for a medical mission.  She asked if W4WDA would donate towards the medicine and food for the tribe.  A motion was approved to provide $250 for the trip.

J.       Convention 2020 – WAFTA is the first choice.  Should explore a location that would be more in the center of the state.  Helen will check on this.  The board can decide on the quarterly calls.  It will be open for WOHVA to join again.

K.       Fall Elections

                    1.  Region A – Vice President – Arnie Miller accepted the nomination

                    2.  Region C – Vice President – Gil Wagner accepted the nomination

                    3.  Region B – Asst Vice President – Ginny Clark accepted the nomination

                    4.  State Director – Luana Schneider accepted the nomination

Mary Hoernke asked if Luanas title could be changed to State Director of Trails. Luanas position on STC will be up in June – will likely be extended but anyone interested could apply.  She has indicated this will be her last term.

Luana has an email listing – let her know if you want to be on the list.

L.       Recap of WOHVA/W4WDA discussion from previous day.

Helen explained that there was a workshop the day before.  The morning session was spent creating a list of bullet points of issues facing both organizations in the future.  It was decided to continue to have discussions with both groups combined.

Luana mentioned that she had gotten a letter from Ryan Harden, he is interested in the WOHVA/W4WDA merge.  His group would like to be included later.

X.       Adjourn


To be held at the Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center

OCTOBER 11-13TH 2019

Wintergreen Resort & Convention Center
100 Gasser Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

800 648-4765

The Hotel has a small indoor water-park and is located next to the outlet mall so bring the family. There’s something for everyone close by.

A block of rooms have been reserved under “MW4WDA BLOCK” until September 20th, 2019. Room rates are $79.00 + Tax & fees for 2: Queen or 1 King w/couch & Whirlpool. Please contact Sam Vandenberg with any questions regarding reservations at broncosam1618@yahoo.com on Facebook or call 920-268-6869

PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING THE CONVENTION AND MEETINGS. IMPORTANT DISCUSSIONS AND VOTING REGARDING THE FUTURE OF W4WDA ARE ON THE AGENDA. *****If you have questions regarding these discussions please contact your club delegate for clarification. Delegates have received mailings regarding merge discussions and possible outcomes. In addition proposals for voting will be published here and mailed out to delegates in the coming months. Please check back here to review those proposals and plan on discussing and voting at this convention.



WOHVA, W4WDA & MW4WDA Spring Convention 2019

OHV Enthusiasts Workshops and Spring Convention
April 12th – 14th 2019

Please join The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association (WOHVA) and the Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Association (W4WDA)

for 2 full days dedicated to educating the OHV community.
This year NOVHCC will be facilitating a workshop on the Pros and Cons for merging organizations moderated by Jack Terrell from NOHVCC.

Wintergreen Resort & Convention Center
60 Gasser Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

800 648-4765
A block of rooms have been reserved under “Wisconsin Off Road”
Room rates $79.00
All meetings and Saturday evening gathering will take place in Mt Blanc
Saturday Banquet dinner will take place in Mt Hood

Weekend Agenda
Friday April 12th 
8:30am – 4:00pm NOHVCC Facilitated workshop – All members are encouraged to attend Lunch is provided for a fee
5:00pm – 9:00pm W4WDA Hospitality room – BYOB
The Wintergreen Lounge will be open with cash bar for networking

Saturday April 13th
8:30am – 11:00am W4WDA General Membership meeting
11:00am – 1:00pm Lunch break – On your own
1:00pm – 2:00pm WOHVA / W4WDA to address membership on Friday’s workshop
2:00pm – 2:15pm Break
2:15pm – 3:15pm Continued discussion on Fridays workshop
3:15pm – 3:30pm Break
3:30pm – 5:00pm WOHVA Annual Membership meeting
5:00pm – 6:00pm Cash bar – Wintergreen Lounge
6:00pm – 7:00pm Banquet style dinner – Mt Hood
8:00pm – 12:00am Entertainment provided by The Jan and Vana duo

Sunday April 14th
9:00am – 11:00 WOHVA BOD Mtg

9:00am – 11:00 MW4WDA Membership Meeting – Rm to be determined

Registration form, Please submit by April 3rd: http://www.w4wda.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Banquet-form2699.pdf

Convention Flyer: http://www.w4wda.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/OHV-Enthusiasts-Workshops-and-Spring-Convention-2019-02232019.pdf

W4WDA Fall 2019 Convention

MW4WDA Fall Convention

The Midwest 4 Wheel Drive association Fall Convention will be held at the Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center 100 North Gasser Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

October 11-13, 2019

The hotel has an small indoor waterpark and is located next to the outlet mall so bring the wives and kids. With everything available to do in the area I am not planning a lunch or dinner at the hotel. Rooms are: 2-Queen – $79.00, 1-King, or 1-King w/couch and Whirlpool – $79.00 + tax & fees. Check in is 4:00pm Check out is 11:00am. Room Block and rate will be held until September 20, 2019

To reserve a room call 800-648-4765 press 1 and ask for the MW4WDA block

Please contact Sam Vandenberg with any questions at broncosam1618@yahoo.com on Facebook or call 920-268-6869