W4WDA Jan 11 2020 Meeting minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 9:15am Reading of Mission Statement – Helen Wagner

II. Roll Call – 20 People in attendance Officers/Board Members in Attendance: President – Helen Wagner; Region B Vice President – Orlin Miller; Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner; Secretary –Jan Kasper; Treasurer – Mary Hoernke Clubs Present: 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; 4×4 Forever Ltd; Twin City Bushwackers; Weekend 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers

III. Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV. Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V. Guests: None

VI. Reports:

  • A. Pipeline – Harold Hoernke heard from a family nearby that it was in bad condition at this time. Jon Fintelman asked if we should contact the Forestry Service. Chris Hannis though we should let the legislature know this is what happens without rules. This is part of the Lakewood Forest Service
  • B. Web Page – Brian Swearingen sent an email that as of 1/1/20 he could no longer host the website. This may be a mute point since this will all be transitioning to the new WC4WD site. Should redirect the current page to the new page. We need to see about saving the history. Will ask Brian Swearingen to send us the data.
  • C. S.C.O.R.P. – Done – can be removed from agenda
  • D. S.T.C. – see directors report – could provide member numbers which would help for future state plans.
  • E. United Four Wheel Drive Association – see directors report
  • F. Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. – may have a new contact with a new 4×4 Forever Club Member, will continue to pursue
  • G. Motorized Recreation Area –
    • Juneau County update – there is now a MOU in place for use of the property. Will start building in April, but it depends on the weather. Hope to have an event there yet this fall.
    • Jon Fintelman provided an update on the Big Snow opportunity – Jon, Chris Hannis and Richard Wise have been working on it. Rich emailed Steve at Big Snow with ideas to make it a business opportunity. Big Snow wants events yet this year. Steve would like the group to meet with more people to discuss it. Group is Expected to present it for the future wheelers. They offer good housing at just $49. Suggest that all three groups need volunteers to support all groups. Luana thought all opportunities should go through Joel as the chair of the land access for the new coalition. Each project should have a coordinator who reports to Joel. Pete Rohde is coordinating the
    • Road America project – a Midwest Media event for media and wants the group to help set up trails for stock vehicles, many brands from Subaru to Jeep. He will need help on May 21st for event – contact Pete Rohde.

H. Trail Specifications – Waiting for elections and new representation

I. MW4WDA – Butch Chapin has been elected president, they will be in Attendance at the April 2020 meeting.

J. WOHVA – currently in the wind down mode – GNTR is still planned for August 15th weekend at Apple Valley.

K. Membership – DONE

L. Events – 2020 – DONE – see coalition

M. ROA – Now called Master Plans – See director report

N. RL4WD – has many post online for their events

O. Stakeholders – Next meeting will be 1/30/20 at the Dreyfus Room at UW-Stevens Point. One person to represent and it was decided that it would be Ryan Harden with Luana as the back-up. It consists of state, county and forestry people. Someone from the coalition should represent the group when Luana can’t be there. A new recreation department supported by the tourism council. Established in other states. Minnesota is ahead by 6-7 months.

VII. Region Vice Presidents Report

  • A. Arnold Miller – Not in attendance, Veterans Ride was again a big success.
  • B. Orlin Clark – Nothing New
  • C. Gil Wagner – Nothing New

VIII. Old Business

  • A Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill –
  • B. How to attract people that use social media – on-going issue, will be a top priorty for the new coalition
  • C. Huston MN off road park – slow progress

IX. New Business

  • A. Future dues – any group who pays dues for 2020 will automatically be part of the WC4WD. Will still collect dues under W4WDA for 2020.
  • B. Spring Meeting – Will be 4/3 – 4/5 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point. Will be in conjunction with WATVA. Room rate is $118 for a double or king room, and $148 for a suite – block is under “WATVA”. Cut off is 3/4/20 for that rate. Call 715-344-0200.
  • C. Events 2020: Will pass for 2020. This should be a coalition event going for-ward. Jon Fintelman asked what is there, today era of 4 wheel drive is differ-ent than what we have had in the past

X. Transition

  • A. Mary Hoernke, Luana Schneider and Jan Kasper to discuss ideas for dissolution.

XI. Adjourn

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