W4WDA FALL Convention Meeting Minutes

          October 12, 2019 Meeting Notes

I.        Meeting called to order at 9AM

II.       Roll Call – 26 people in attendance

          Officers/Board Members in Attendance:

          President:  Helen Wagner, Region A Vice President – Arnie Miller, Region B Vice President – Orlin Clark, Region C Vice President – Gil Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, Treasurer – Mary Hoernke.

          Clubs Present:

          Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers; 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers; River City 4-Wheelers; Weekend 4-Wheelers; 4X4 Forever Ltd: Twin City Bushwackers

III.      Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed

V.       Guests:  None

VI.      Reports:

          A.       Pipeline – nothing new, noted that it is open 6/1 to 3/14, per DNR website

          B.       Web Page – if you want something posted, get it to Amanda Cottrell

          C.       S.C.O.R.P. – see directors report

          D.       S.T.C. – see directors report

          E.       United Four Wheel Drive Association – see directors report

          F.       Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. – see directors report

          G.      Motorized Recreation Area + Land Use Discussions

                    Alex Bub talked about an opportunity at Road America – working to develop trails.  They are looking for assistance with media day in May 2020.  Would consider a possible event next October, was a very high level discussion.  Group suggested we help with the May event first and move towards more.  Alex will get some dates and times when we could meet with them to discuss the May event.

                    Alex also has talked to Steve Eliason from Big Snow Resort, he is the community outreach director.  It is in the Indianhead/Blackjack area of the UP.  They have 1600 acres, some trails already there.  Steve was available later in the day for questions and answers.

                    Joel Kasper has been meeting with a landowner in Juneau County.  Planning to go to the property the weekend of October 26th to evaluate the area to see what is there now that the leaves are off.  Looking to have an event there in 2020.

          H.       Trail Specifications – hasn’t heard anything, possibility waiting for election results

          I.        MW4WDA – meeting late same day, will be holding elections

          J.       WOHVA – Tim Duenkel, President of WOHVA reported that they had two events this year, (1)GNTR was held in August.  Had a good turnout, with a profit of about $1,000.  (2) Fall Color Ride in the Wabeno area, 18 vehicles attended. 

          K.       Membership – Helen was recently approached by someone looking to start a club, she shared information regarding incorporating.

          L.       Events – 2020  –  currently on hold.

          M.      ROA- see director report – going forward, this will be replaced with “Master Plans”

VII.     Region Vice Presidents Report

          A.       Arnold Miller – Thanked everyone who attended Frontenac Farms, Had $11 vehicles.  Frontenace Farms waived costs for W4WDA again this year..  They will also be having the Veterans Ride at Frontenac Farms on the weekend of October 25-27. 

          B.       Orlin Clark – Nothing new – Discussed LaFarge area not working right now due to ATV usage in the past.

          C.       Gil Wagner – recently was talking to some young men about the importance of being involved in clubs.

VIII.    Old Business

          A        Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – hasn’t heard anything recently

          B.       How to attract people that use social media – no new ideas, still trying to get younger people involved

          C.       Huston MN off road park –  still happening but progressing very slowly

          D.       W4WDA Flyer – Helen has it as a PDF, let her know if you need a copy

          E.       Insurance – no change

IX.      New Business

A.       Winter Meeting – January 11, 2020, Hidden Waters Golf Course in Waupaca.  Board meeting at 8:30am; General Meeting at 9am

          B.       Spring 2020 Meeting – Location TBD – Combine with WATVA?  Currently have the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells tentatively booked for 4/17-4/19, or we can combine with WATVA the weekend of 4/3-4/5 at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point.  More details to come.

          C.       New Clubs – Updates from VPs – Nothing new

          D.       W4WDA/WOHVA Merge Vote – tabled until after the elections

X.       2020 Elections

                    Region A – Vice President – Arnie Miller – white ballot vote

                    Region B – Asst. Vice President – Ginny Clark – white ballot vote

                    Region C – Vice President – Gil Wagner – white ballot vote

                    State Director – Luana Schneider – white ballot vote

XI.      Vote held for W4WDA and WOHVA to merge – the vote of attending clubs was a tie at 3 for/3against.  Tie was broken and approved by the President – Helen Wagner.  Merge will proceed.

XII.     Adjourn

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