W4WDA Spring Convention 2017 meeting minutes

W4WDA Spring Convention 2017 Meeting minutes

April 8, 2017 Meeting Notes

 Meeting called to order at 8:37am at Best Western – Tomah, WI

Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg

Roll Call – 24 people present

Officers/Board members present:  President – Sam Vandenberg, Region B V.P. – Orlin Clark, Region C V.P. – Helen Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, State  Director – Luana Schneider  Absent:  Mary Hoernke – Treasurer

Clubs Present:  Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers – Lone Riders 4X4 – 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, Inc – River City 4-Wheelers – Weekend 4-Wheelers, Inc. – 4X4 Forever, LTD. – Green Bay High Riders, LTD.

Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed..

Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

Guests:  Pete Rohde – Jerry Stephens, WORPVI – Alex Bubb – Brody McLean -Nate Nelson


Pipeline – WOHVA is doing some work

Web Page – No New business

Bylaws/SOP – Amanda Cottrell, Jan Kasper and Helen Wagner reviewed and presented updates to the Bylaws and SOPs.  Previously posted Bylaws changes were discussed distributed and approved by attending delegates.

S.C.O.R.P. – For additional information you can access the full SCORP through the DNR website.  Additional details in Director report.

S.T.C. – Luana is unable to attend the next meeting, she will send someone in her place.  Director report posted.

United Four Wheel Drive Association  – Meetings now held as webinars, details in Director report posted.

Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. Jerry Stephens is now taking the lead on this program.  This program needs a co-sponsor, if anyone knows of someone tell Luana.  Director report posted.

Motorized Recreation Area – Director Report Posted.

Trail Specifications – Director Report Posted.

MW4WDA – Nothing New

WOHVA – GNTR will go on at Apple Valley Farms this year, August 18-19.  Additional details will be posted on the WOHVA website.

Membership –  Helen is working on updating the flyers.  They will be ready for the Fall Meeting.

Rally – Nothing new.

ROA – Everyone is encouraged to go to these meetings.  Luana will send out more information.

Motorized Recreation Area – Nothing new – Director report posted.

Region Vice Presidents Report

Arnold Miller – The $100 donation that was presented to the region was given to Frontenac Farms for their Vets Ride.  They raised over $3,000 which was donated to the local veterans organization.  They will also be holding a Veterans Fund Raiser the last weekend in October as well as a cookout on May 21 as a fundraiser.

Orlin Clark – The $100 donation was given to the emergency food basket in the Onalaska area.  They also donate old magazines to the veterans hospital.

Helen Wagner – $50 of the donation was given to Trailgators 4-Wheelers and the other $50 to 4X4 Forever.  4X4 Forever added their club funds and adopted a family for Christmas from the Salvation Army.

**Reminder submit information on donations or other public actives to United’s e-news for additional exposure.

Old Business

Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – this is being worked on.

How to attract people that use social media – Facebook was discussed.  Younger generations don’t want to go to meetings.  We need to try to get more involved in facebook.  The people who only organize online are not counted when talking to the state regarding usage.  Also unsure if there are liability issues for those groups.  Tim Duenkel’s club is hosting an event on May 6th to provide training.  4X4 Forever is having a Meet & Greet also on May 6th.  Please spread the word to get other off-roaders more involved.

Huston MN off road park – was on hold, but not anymore.  They may have trail days yet in 2017.  Orlin would be the contact for this.

Conference Calling – Is available – be sure to let an officer know if you would like to attend via conference call or Skype for any future meetings.

Going forward we will invite WOHVA to all future meetings.

New Business

Any ideas on a location that we could host a Rally or possibly 4-Wheel to Heal.

Fall 2017 Meeting will be at Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells.  October 13-14, 2017.  Use W4WDA when reserving the room block.  Rooms are $79.

Winter Meeting will be January 13, 2018 at Hidden Waters Golf Course, Waupaca, WI.

Discussed the possibility of selling W4WDA t-shirts.  The cost would be $40 per color for set-up, It was agreed that the white should be included in the background which will  make it a 3 color print.  A motion was passed to pursue.

Brody McClean asked if his club could join with a flat rate.  They have a very small club but they are interested in getting more involved.

Fall Elections 2017 Results

Region A  – Vice President – Arnold Miller

Region C – Vice Present – Helen Wagner

Region B – Asst Vice Present – Rod Schneider


W4WDA Spring 2017 Meeting Minutes

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