W4WDA Fall Meeting Minutes Oct 2016

October 16, 2016 Meeting Notes

I. Meeting called to order at 9 am at Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center –
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg

II. Roll Call – 19 people present

Officers/Board members present:
President – Sam Vandenberg, Region A V.P. – Arnie Miller, Region B V.P. – Orlin Clark, Region C V.P. – Helen Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, Treasurer – Mary Hoernke

Clubs Present:
Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers – Lone Riders 4X4 – 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, Inc – River City 4-Wheelers – 4X4 Forever, LTD. – Green Bay High Riders, LTD. – Trailgators 4-Wheelers, Inc.

III. Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed

IV. Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

V. Guests: None

VI. Reports:
A. Pipeline – Nothing new
B. Web Page – Jan Kasper to work with Amanda Cottrell to keep website updated.
C. Bylaws/SOP – It has been many years since the bylaws/SOPs have been reviewed. It was decided that a committee should review them and bring back ideas for updating – Volunteers to review include: Amanda Cottrell, Jan Kasper & Helen Wagner
D. S.C.O.R.P. – see Luana;s report out – A survey has been sent out – everyone was encouraged to take the survey to provide feedback regarding the use of the trails by off-road vehicles.
E  . S.T.C. – see Luana’s report out – Tim Duenkel attended in Luana’s place at the August 12, 2016 meeting. A report of the meeting was sent to all W4WDA board, yahoo group and others. If you would like a copy – see Luana.
F. United Four Wheel Drive Association – see Luana’s report out – they will begin having spring and fall webinars to keep the delegates updated. If interested, see Luana.
G. MW4WDA – Nothing to report
H. WOHVA – has agreed to continue to work with W4WDA and will have their spring meeting the same weekend and same venue as W4WDA. Associate membership was discussed, Helen Wagner would like to be involved in the discussion.
I. Membership – Helen is working on an updated pamphlet. Chris sent the app to her for review. Orlin said that he was contacted by someone from the Crandon area that is interested in starting a club.

J. Motorized Recreation Area – see Luana’s report out – Everyone should talk to their local legislators in regard to needing motorized recreation areas that include four wheel drive vehicles such as jeeps, trucks, etc.
K. Rally – Nothing new
L. WORVPI – Nothing new, nothing updated since March.
M. LBR105- Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – see Luana’s report out – nothing new. Luana hopes to work with Tim Duenkel this fall to get this on the right path.

VII. Region Vice Presidents Report
A. There is no more Toys for Toys fund raiser – they suggested that donations be designated for a food shelf during the holiday season.
B. Nothing to Report
C. Titletown Jeepers will have their 2nd Annual Toys for Tots ride on December 3rd, starting in Green Bay and ending in Appleton. Just bring a toy to donate and you will be entered in the raffle, there are thousands of dollars of items to win.
Mary Hoernke made a motion to donate $100 to each region to donate to a locat charity in each region – motion passed.

VIII. Old Business
A. Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA is fighting this bill – Since it restricts modifications, it could affect off-road vehicles as well as race vehicles. We need to continue to watch this.
B. It was discussed how we could attract people that use social media for everything, such as facebook.
C. Trail specifications – see Luana’s report out – nothing new
D. Huston MN off road park – Orlin said there is no update, it is an ongoing process.
E. Conference Calling, Skype, we need this for the January meeting in case of weather issues.

IX. New Business
A. Any ideas on a location that we could host a Rally or different event? Frontenac Farms is too busy for 2017 to host.
B. Winter Meeting will be at Hidden Waters Golf Course – Waupaca, WI on 1/14/17
C. Spring Convention – April 7 – 9, 2017. WOHVA will host the combined convention this year. More information to follow.
D. WOHVA will be having Tread Lightly do a Tread Lightly Trainer class on April 7, 2017. This is an 8 hour class to certify you as a Tread Lightly Trainer. The cost is $74 per person. If anyone is interested let Tim Duenkel or Sam Vandenberg know.
E. We discussed a new place to go off-roading called Freedom Ridge which is southwest of Gilbert. Information can be found at www.freedomridgerocks.com
F. 2017 Fall Convention – everyone seems to like the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells. The dates would be October 20-22, 2017. We should go ahead and book the room if possible.

X. Fall Elections 2016
A. President – Sam Vandenberg- accepted nomination for re-election
Same nominated Gil Wagner, who declined.
White ballot was passed for Sam Vandenberg.
B. Region B VIce President – Orlin Clark – accepted nomination for re-election
Nominations: None
White ballot was passed for Orlin Clark.
C. Region A Assistant Vice President – Nate Odman – declined
Nominations: Bev Miller
White ballot was passed for Bev Miller.
D. Region C Assistant Vice President – Jesse Thompson – decline
Nominations: Gil Wagner
White ballot was passed for Gil Wagner
E. Treasurer – Mary Hoernke – accepted nomination for re-election
Nominations: None
White ballot was passed for Mary Hoernke
F. Secretary – Jan Kasper

XI. Adjourned

W4WDA October 2016 Meeting Notes [511]

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