National Monument Designaton News

National Monument Designaton News

ORV riders, it is the Upper Peninsula ORV Trail Development Association that laid the groundwork on MANY legislative issues that ORV Riders will be taking advantage of for years. No one has been more PROACTIVE in keeping ORV Riders aware of State and Federal Issues. It was President Clinton that used an early 1900 “Antiquities Act,” by unilaterally (without Congressional approval) shut MANY recreational uses from PUBLIC land by calling this land National Monument, …Wilderness.

President Obama has designated 553 million acres of land and water as national monuments during his presidency, far more than any other president. Further, in Congressional testimony Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, acknowledged that more designations may be forthcoming before the end of Obama’s second term. President Clinton famously designated nearly 2 million acres in Utah as a National Monument in the closing days of his Administration. These sorts of designations have long lasting impacts and will ultimately lead to restrictions on even the most responsible recreational uses.
it doesn’t matter what you’re political views are, you or your children may someday want to enjoy this PUBLIC Land….either by motorized recreation, mountain biking, or even horseback riding…and you will NOT be allowed access. The ONLY access to National Monument land is via Hiking.

Tell me how many of you are going to be able to hike hundreds of miles into a National Monument area when you are older? Sure some of you will be able too, but do you really think it is fair to shut the majority of the public out of PUBLIC LAND?

It is difficult to do this through Wilderness Designation as that has to go through Congress…but the ‘end around’ to getting PUBLIC LAND shut off from the public is through National Monument Designation.  I wish I had the answer as to what we can do, but one thing you can be assured of is that your UP ORV TDA will keep you informed.

Skip Schulz

UP ORV TDA President

610 Greenland Road

Ontonagon, MI 49953

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