WI DNR – TRAIL NEWS Aug 4 2016

TRAIL NEWS – AUG 4th 2016

Hikers enjoy the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Next Meeting of the Governor’s State Trails Council: Friday, August 12

The next meeting of the Governor’s State Trails Council will be held at the Town of Rib Mountain Town Hall in Wausau on Friday, August 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Town Hall is located at 3700 North Mountain Rd.

The State Trails Council is appointed by the Governor to provide state trail user groups and individuals a voice in the statewide trails program.

Agenda items include council member updates, DNR report and other trail issues. Information about the STC, along with August meeting materials, is available online on the STC page.

Please RSVP by August 10 (daniel.buckler@wisconsin.gov) if you are planning to attend the meeting in Wausau.

Watch out! Wild parsnip prevalent this year

Wild parsnip is especially bad this year, due to favorable spring growing conditions. Large yellow rosettes at the top of the plant often bow into trail tread space, and contact with the plant’s sap can cause severe rash and blisters when exposed to the sun. Think poison ivy only potentially worse. It’s a good idea for trail users and volunteers to be able to identify the plant and alert others to its presence.

The DNR website and UW Extension fact sheet [pdf] for the plant provide identification and control info for this troublesome invasive. Be sure to work with the property manager on any pesticide use on public lands.

Don’t let wild parsnip come in contact with your skin.

Old Abe debate put to rest: eagle was male

The 150-year old debate is over: Old Abe, the Wisconsin bald eagle which became a symbol of strength and patriotism during the Civil War, was male. While the spirit and pride that the bird encouraged was definite regardless of its gender, conflicting 19th century accounts fueled the dispute until this year when DNA sequencing finally put the debate to rest. More information on Old Abe, which has a State Trail named after him, can be found here.

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