Fall Convention 2015

Fall meeting/convention will be held at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center October 16 – 18, 2015.  This is located in Wisconsin Dells so there is plenty of things to do when not in meetings.  Rooms are $79.00 per night with choice of 2-queen beds or 1-king with sofa and whirlpool.  There is only 12 rooms blocked so please reserve soon so more rooms can be added if needed.  To reserve rooms call (800)-648-4765 press 1 and ask for  MW4WDA block.  I am not planning a dinner unless there is enough requests for one.  Contact Sam Vandenberg with any questions (920)-268-6869 or broncosam1618@yahoo.com.

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  1. Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association
    10-17-2015 Fall Meeting
    I. Meeting called to order at: 9:24 a.m.
    Reading of Mission Statement.
    II. Roll Call 27 people present.
    Officers/Board members present.
    President-Sam Vandenberg, Region A V.P.-Arnold Miller, Region C V.P.-Helen Wagner, Region C Assistant V.P.-Jesse Thompson, State Director-Luana Schneider.
    Clubs present.
    Borderline 4×4 Trail Seekers – Loan Riders 4×4 – 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers – Road Side 4 wheelers – 4×4 Forever Ltd. – Green Bay High Riders Ltd. – Trail Gators 4 Wheeler Inc.
    III. Secretary’s report – accepted as printed.
    IV. Treasury report – Mary not present – Report accepted as printed.
    V. No Guests
    VI. Reports
    A. Pipe line – does not open until June 1. No clean-up efforts this year – not much left to wheel on – just mud holes left now
    B. Jesse registered the w4wda.com domain name – it is being forwarded to the w4wda.org site – the association voted to reimburse Jess for the 3 year registration of $155
    Discussed e-mails to the membership for spreading the word about the meetings and conventions
    Noted that not everyone had e-mail access and that a text notification may help
    C. Bylaws/SOP – nothing.
    D. S.C.O.R.P. – Grants may have been elliminated.
    E. State Trails Council – minutes are posted on the website – noted that 2 key people on the committee that we’ve worked with have recently retired – these folks were up to speed on our 4 wheel drive needs – we’ll need to rebuild this relationship and educate the now members when they come onboard – no ETA on replacements – budget constraints may be a factor in this – mentioned the DNR needs to setup a road inventory – this is both paved and 2 track primitive roads – some discussion was had on the width of trails – this may eliminate our ability to be allowed on some of the trails due to vehicle size – all of these roads need to go through a master plan to identify the trail and accessibility for each trail –
    Noted that there has been a lot of push back on the Sauk Prairie recreation area for anything motorized – this has even gotten to the point where a local rocketry club is being shot down… to use the area for rocket launching a few times a year.
    Some discussions was had around leaving a foot print on the trails that we ride on – we need to be able to fund our sport and bringing in revenue to help repair and maintain trails –
    Discussed that we may need to consider on “focus points” – No one person can do this alone – The group needs to support efforts and pitch in – if we just talk about stuff – nothing will really get done – There was a lot of “passion” bubbling up around working towards getting/keeping trails open
    I will say that there was a lot of valid points made – not everyone wanted to hear these comments and observations – then again – this is not the first time these points have been made – nobody is grabbing the torch and running with it – this is the
    Helen made a request that we come up with 5 focus points for the January meeting – we can review this ideas and pick 3 and run with them.
    Luana would like to see that no more trails are closed on forest land – while this is not entirely possible – if we peruse this goal we can retain some % of open trails – Also – we need to take advantage of funds like RTP and find ways to use this to better the sport.
    F. United Four Wheel Drive Association – Nothing.
    G. MW4WDA – nothing.
    H. WOHVA – they have secured 3 more years of events at Mole lake – so there will be at least 2 events a year on the property – the jamboree and GNTR – This year’s GNTR had a good turn out – noted that Jon is working towards getting more trails open on the property – this would allow for spreading out the trucks and keeping the trails in better condition – this could then allow for more events on the property.
    Looking at moving towards a more focused goal between the WOHVA and W4WDA. We hope to be able to join up with them for convention at some point – hopefully next year we can make this happen.
    L. Helen will be sending out a membership packet to Title Town Jeepers – they may be looking to join WI
    J. Lake States resource alliance has disbanded – funds were dispersed out to several different groups – W4WDA was not a recipient (Tax status has a play on that)
    K. Sauk Praire Recreation Area – Noted that there has been a lot of push back on the Sauk Prairie recreation area for anything motorized – this has even gotten to the point where a local rocketry club is being shot down… to use the area for rocket launching a few times a year.
    L. MRA – Luana reviewed what the MRA is responsible for – no new news on from the MRA
    M. Jesse and Joel will look into a Rally for 4 wheel to heal for Wisconsin – will need to head up the committee again to move this forward.
    A proposal was made have an event or a convention at the Farm in Red Wing MN $40 a vehicle is the minim and we need to have 15 trucks – we would need to charge more to cover the additional insurance that the W4WDA would be responsible for if we decide to take in money for the association or a charity – would like to get a more formal proposal for January.
    N. WORVPI – nothing.
    O. AB369(Sticker/decal program) – Needs to be re-introduced.
    VII. Region Vice President Reports
    A. Arnold Miller – Toys for Tots October 24 at Frontenac Farms, $25/truck + toy.
    B. Orlin Clark – Orlin and Ginny are celebrating their 50th anniversary.
    C. Helen Wagner – 4×4 Forever had a fund raiser for Old Glory Honor Flights, and volunteered at last Quarry Quest Charity event.
    VIII. Break
    IX. Old Business
    A. Winter meeting will be at Hidden Waters Golf Course, E4480 State Road 22-54 Waupaca, WI 54983 on January 9, 2016. Board meeting at 8:45am, membership meeting at 9:00am. There will be a Pot Luck Lunch, W4WDA will provide sloppy joe and everyone else is asked to bring a dish. (Anyone remember who was going to handle the sloppy joe?). Arnold and Bev donated speakers and we will be setting up conference calling or skype for the meeting.
    B. Spring Convention – Spring Convention is being hosted by 4×4 Forever Ltd. and will be at the Ramada Grand Seasons Hotel in Waupaca, WI(110 Grand Seasons Dr, Waupaca, WI 54981. 1-715-258-9212)Room rates are $89.99/night use code MW4WDA when reserving rooms. on April 15-17, 2016. More info has been sent out and more will be.
    C. Trail Specifications requested by DNR – had seperate group meeting to discuss this.
    D. Houston Park is still moving forward – all land/property studies are completed and the town is all on-board. There is a new private park in MN that recently opened – that same group is planning on opening another private park near Houston http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ohv/difficulty.html
    E. Conference Calling/Skype – Arny and Bev Miller donated speakers to use for this. Will be tried at Winter meeting.
    X. New Business
    A. Any ideas where to host 4-wheel-to-heal or another event, Let Jesse Thompson know.
    B. MW4WDA Fall 2016 Convention will be held at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells again on October 16, 2016. Sam Vandenberg will be handling this again. room rates are $79.00/night. 100 North Gasser Road (or 100 Gasser Road), Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965. 608-254-2285
    XI. Fall Election Results
    A. Region A Vice President – Arnold Miller
    B. Region B Assistant Vice President – Dave Bahr
    C. Region C Vice President – Helen Wagner
    D. Secretary – Vacant, no nominations
    Elections for fall 2016
    President – Sam Vandenberg
    Region B Vice President – Orlin Clark
    Region A Assistant Vice President – Nate Odman
    Region C Assistant Vice President – Jesse Thompson
    Treasurer – Mary Hoernke
    Secretary – Jan Kasper
    XIII. Meeting Adjourned at 11:42am.
    Does anyone know where the W4WDA banner/flag is?
    Thank you Jesse for taking notes and video of the meeting.
    Thank you to Jan Kasper for stepping up and volunteering to take the Secretary position later Saturday night after the meeting.

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