2015 W4WDA Spring Convention meeting minutes

Thank you Jesse Thompson for taking notes.

Wisconsin Spring Convection 4-18-2015

Board Meeting

No changes to memos or notes

Board meeting called to order at 9:08

Board meeting closed at 9:11


Meet started at 9:15

Roll Call taken

Officers/Board present – Sam Vandenberg, Arnold Miller, Orlin Clark, Dave Bahr, Helen Wagner, Jesse Thompson, Luana Schneider.

Clubs present – Borderline 4×4 Trailseekers, Lone Riders 4×4, 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, River City 4-Wheelers, Burr Oak Off-Road Machines, 4×4 Forever LTD., Green Bay High Riders LTD., Trailgators 4-Wheelers Inc., Twin City Bushwackers,

Secretary’s report –  Was accepted as printed. Still need someone to fill this position.

Treasures report – Was accepted as printed

One question on printing expenses came up – this was for membership cards – we received about 3000 cards that should last us for then several years.

Guests –  Karl Miller was present he is the president from a local ATV organization.  He is here to learn more about us and see how we can work together   Jacksoncountyatv.org is his club site – the local trails here are wide enough for UTV with about a 60” width mark.  They have been working with the county to make the trails even wider.  Noted that trail width is actually up to the local county.  Most areas have been opened up to 60”

Pipeline – Opens up on June 1st – most of it’s closed at this point

Webpage – Noted that Jesse will look wi4wda.org and check to see if we can purchase it.  If you want anything posted on the site – send it to Amanda C.

STC –  next meeting is April 27th in Fitchburg on 3911 fish hatcher road

It was noted in the budget that “all roads” must be classified.  Whether it is off-road, trail, or road. Currently they need to classify the type of roads.  It was mentioned by Luana that the DNR has termed the type of trail/road that we want to ride on as “Nature Based”.  This classification is all being done by the DNR with no input from other areas.  The Park and Recreation group was unaware that this road classification action was happening

MW4WDA – No claims have been filed this year – the insurance dues did go up about $300 this year.

WOHVA – Will be hosting the GNT and Jeep Jamboree rides – also looking at an event for wounded worriers – this is 4 wheel to heal This event will be held the 1st of August.  John Lewins has been nominated as the CEO of WohVA.

Joel noted that they need volunteers as well have veterans to attend the event. The cost will be $50 and this includes lunch and dinner.  It was noted that some people will need rides and others will bring their own.  To do the ride along will require a spill kit.  This is a one-day event.

A motion was made to provide up to $600 dollars towards the efforts of this event.  This motion was passed – the money will need final approval from the board.

Volunteers would not need to pay a fee as long they do not ride on the trails.  This event is not open to the public – it is for the veterans – our participation will be to provide them with rides.

There will be pre-registration for the event and most likely close down in mid-July.

Membership – No new clubs or news at this time

LSAR – There will be a meeting in July to determine who it will be dissolved and where the funds will be disburse.  W4WDA has request some of the funds be allotted to us.  The tax status with LSAR may impact the way this distribution can be handled.  They are a 501c3 and it sounds like the funds can only be transferred to another 501c3 organization

Sauk Prairie – April 11th the roads will be open for travel. There also a lot of turmoil around the use of this land – several organization would like this to be none motorized and on the other side many organizations want trails. It was noted that there is some sections in the area that are suitable for moderate trail use for your average 4 wheel drive vehicle.

MRA – No new news at this time.

Region Reports

Region A:  Discussed the phone conference from last month and that we’ll use it going forward

Region B: Nothing significant to report

Region C: Nothing new to report – Contact Hellen if you need to call a Region C Meeting

Old Business

Fall meeting/convention will be held at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center October 16 – 18, 2015.  This is located in Wisconsin Dells so there is plenty of things to do when not in meetings.  Rooms are $79.00 per night with choice of 2-queen beds or 1-king with sofa and whirlpool.  There is only 12 rooms blocked so please reserve soon so more rooms can be added if needed.  To reserve rooms call (800)-648-4765 press 1 and ask for  MW4WDA block.  I am not planning a dinner unless there is enough requests for one.  Contact Sam Vandenberg with any questions (920)-268-6869 or broncosam1618@yahoo.com.

Winter meeting is January 9th at the Waupaca hidden waters golf resort.

Trail specifications – Luana – gave overview of what we would like for trails.  We are being asked to provide more bullet points of what we need.  It is difficult to explain to non-trail riding folks on what type of trails we like to wheel on.


John Schnorr called into the meeting at 10:42

Jon Schnorr will be giving an overview

Forest County continues to make progress at a snail’s pace.  The informed decisions process has taking a long time.  This has been dragging on since December.  There has been some interest by some private individuals to help with the park.  John discussed some other options that will be looked at to keep this project moving.  There are also other areas in Wisconsin that are being looked at. Currently working with the county governments’.  The other counties are interested and they are currently working to develop relationships with the townships.  The potential for success in these other areas is much greater in these areas, however this would be less acreage than the planned 10000 acres.  It was discussed that there was an allocation in the state budget for funding by the government, however forest county did not take advantage of this.  Today the land generates about $10 an acre.  The park would make this jump up to about $138 an acre.  This is across all forest land, not just the park land.

Sticker Program – The legislation for the sticker program is dead.  This would not to basically start all over again.  There was also not enough support for it.  It does not sound like anyone will be picking this backup up.

New Business

Luanna reviewed the news spot for the usage of trails.  This included horses on the trails and winching activities.  This ride consisted of 6 vehicles and a news report filming the event.  The news spot is out on the YouTube if you want to watch it

Update on Huston MN off road park – Orlin

The park is progressing at a good pace at this point.  They have had a few issues along the way but have able to work past them.  Everything is still in progress and have local support.  They continue to buy more land.  It is approaching about 700 acres at this time.

Spring Convention 2016 will be held at the Ramada Grand Seasons Hotel in Waupaca April 15-17, 2016. 4×4 Forever will be hosting the 2016 Spring Convention – Jesse handed out flyers to “save the date.”  It was discussed that there is interest in doing this convention together with WHOVA.  John Lewins has been contacted and will be bringing it up to the WOHVA board next month. More details to come as discussions are had.

Was noted to have Mary provide and updated membership list so we can update the e-mail lists.

Talked about engaging Crandon to see if we can possibly hold some sort of event at the raceway since they now have additional trails and a rock crawling section.  I can look out to see if Chris, Brian, or John to see if they have any contacts or information around this.


It was brought up that people need to register for stuff earlier so there is no last minute issues with attendance at events.

Fall Elections

Region A Vice President:  Arnold Miller -yes

Region B Assistant Vice President: Dave Bahr – yes

Region C Vice President:  Helen Wagner – yes

Secretary – still vacant

Meeting adjourned at 11:31 a.m

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