Minutes from Fall 2014 Meeting

Fall 2014 W4WDA minutes



October 11, 2014

Black River Falls, WI


Review and revised agenda as needed.



President Sam Vandenberg called the meeting to order at 8:53 am.

Roll call was held.

Secretary’s Report was approved with correction.

Treasurer’s Report  none was available.

Committee Reports;

Pipeline- none

Website- Send any information to Amanda Cottrell and she will update website.

Bylaws/SOP- Nothing to report.

SCORP-Nothing new.

STC- The next meeting is November 13.  At the meeting in July there was a presentation from the hiking and snowmobile representatives.

UFWDA- Luana participated in a conference call meeting in early October and has a power point program that UFWDA put together. UFWDA is having issues with continuing the insurance program. The website has been down as there are some issues with it. The fiscal year will finish in the black. There is a new membership director and business manager. This is helping to free up some time for the President and Vice President as they have been doing most of the work.

MW4WDA- All 4 wheel drive clubs that belong to MW4WDA, with a 100% of their members sign up, are  aware that their trail ride/events are covered under the insurance policy that MW4WDA pays for. This is a very valuable asset to have available to local clubs. Currently membership per person is $10.00.

WOHVA- given by Sam Vandenberg. There was a golf outing last weekend that WOHVA sponsored. He attended the general meeting. The Great Northern Trail Ride is growing more popular. There was discussion about WOHVA’s spill kit and the rule that each vehicle must carry one. WOHVA is setting up a chain saw training course for January or February which will be posted on their website. Currently there are 150 members in WOHVA.

Membership—nothing new.

Lake States Resource Alliance (LSRA)—Helen Wagner reported that this organization may dissolve in July 2015 if no one steps forward to fill the offices of President and other empty positions. The precedure to dissolve is left to the Board of Directors and not the membership of LSRA. Helen is going to do some checking into the bylaws and check on the process of dissolution. There are many restrictions on the logging industry and lots of hoops for them to jump through. OHV users may lose out if this connection to the timber industry is lost.

Motorized Recreation Area- Luana Schneider reported that Wisconsin is still looking for property closer to urban areas for an off road park.  Near Menominee there are thousands of acres on the Wisconsin/Michigan border with OHV access. The middle section has official trails for four wheel drive vehicles, Luana was not sure how these trails were marked. You may view maps on the DNR website. Meanwhile in the Rome, WI area, the easement with Plum Creek will hopefully include 4WD vehicles.

Rally-  Jesse Thompson reported on the online survey that took place late last year. He suggested that W4WDA host a guided trail ride like the Great Northern Trail Ride. He has talked with John L. about the possibility of using the Mole Lake area. For the first year only inviting members of W4WDA and perhaps MW4WDA. John L. would like a date to bring forth to the tribal council to be approved.  There was discussion on the width of the trails, insurance coverage and prizes/door prizes. A motion was passed to move forward with this event. If you would like to volunteer for this contact Jesse Thompson.

WORVPI- reported by Sam Vandenberg. Apparently there was a misunderstanding with the Forest county board and when the grants would need to be paid back. These grants apparently do not need to be paid back until the area is logged which may not be for another 50 years. Forest county will need to visit their land use plan and make changes to allow WORVPI to happen. There was discussion on the area to be used for the park.

AB369- reported on by Luana. There is a need for more Senators to sponsor this bill in the senate. If anyone has connections with the Senate please contact John Schnorr on the WORVPI website.

Region A report by Arnold and Beverly Miller, October 25th will be Toys For Tots at a private location in Minnesota. $40/truck and $5/passenger. Contact Arnold by email for details.

Region B has no report.

Region C has no report.

New Business

-In an effort to spread the W4WDA meeting area, there will be a request from a different region to host the Winter Meeting in 2016.

-WORVPI’s Memo of Understanding was voted on and passed to sign agreement.

-The Wisconsin Department of Resources will have a presentation at the State Trails Council on the process of mapping and planning motorized access.

-It was decided  John L. would be contacted for group access to the Mole Lake property for trail riding.



President- Sam Vandenberg

Secretary-open, need volunteer.

Treasurer- Mary Hoernke

Region A,  Assistant VP- Nate Odman

Region B VP- Orlin Clark

Region C,  Assistant VP- Jesse Thompson

Adjourned  12;23pm.

The Winter Meeting will be  9:00am, January 10, 2014 at Hidden Waters in Waupaca with a potluck lunch.

Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Bahr, Secretary

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