WORVPI Press Release 11/2013

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November 18, 2013  (715) 490-5463

 Off-Road Park memberships selling fast in Forest County

Proposed Park has over 30 charter members before an acre is acquired

In just the first two weeks since the plan was announced, over 30 members have invested $150 each to become charter members of the Off-Road Park that is being proposed in Forest County.  The charter memberships are being limited to only 100.

“An Off-Road Park in Wisconsin is the dream of thousands of enthusiasts just here in our state alone,” stated charter member Brian Goeldner who sent his check to the Wisconsin Off-Road Park, Incorporated (WORVPI) last week.  “Right now we have to make the long trips to Minnesota, Michigan, and even Missouri and Utah.”  With a Park in Forest County we will be able to enjoy our hobby more often, and in a place that understands enthusiasm for Off-Road vehicles.

WORVPI has been working with Forest County organizations over the past several years to go through the necessary planning steps to make certain that the park is economically viable and can be done in an environmentally friendly way without disruption to residents in the county.  The feasibility study reveals economic impact projections of $28 million per year to Forest County businesses with over $300,000 in Forest County sales tax going to both the county treasury and to the Tourism Commission with room tax receipts.  Annual guests to the park are projected to number 50,000 but it seems conservative considering parks such as Michigan’s Silver Lake ORV Park host over 600,000 visitors annually.

Off-Road Parks have an incredible impact to communities nearby, as evidenced by Gilbert, Minnesota.  Gilbert was once known as the red-light district of the Iron Range in Minnesota now proclaims itself as the “Home of Minnesota’s first ORV Park.”  According to Bob Chance, Recreation Area Manager for Minnesota’s DNR Gilbert has seen several businesses launched since the Park was opened in 2007 including a rental business that rents ATVs, we have a car wash that’s all of a sudden popped up, and the idea was they would cater to people using the recreation area. The [city] campground has increased its business over and over and over again to the point where now it’s a moneymaker and before we opened up it was not. And then another campground, a private campground, opened up. So we see things happening in Gilbert that were not there before.”

WORVPI’s charter members will receive a dash plaque, and their name will be enshrined in a plaque that will be installed within the park once it is operational.  To become a charter member of the Off-Road Park, you can find information at www.worvpi.org.

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