Fall Meeting Minutes

10 19 13 W4WDA Minutes

October 19, 2013
Review and revised agenda as needed.
President Sam Vanderberg called the meeting to order at 9:01am.
Roll call was held.
Secretary’s Report was approved as printed.
Treasurer’s Report was accepted as printed. There was some discussion about the format of the report.
Committee Reports;
Pipeline- WOHVA hosted a cleanup day in September.
Website- Send any information to Amanda Cottrell and she will update website. The complication with the domain name has been fixed. Discussion followed about posting pictures on the website because it could use some color.
Bylaws/SOP- Nothing to report.
SCORP-No updates.
STC- The next meeting is November 8, 10am-3pm, at the Sparta community Center in Sparta, WI. This meeting is open to the public. See Luana’s Director’s report for more information.
SAUK PRAIRIE RECREATION AREA- After attending an open house on the property, Luana deemed this as a perfect area for ac ‘Sunday drive’ type trail. It is close to a populated area and would give people a place to start. Due to a lack of understanding about the 4WD sport, our wishes are being drowned out by those that wish it to be a non motorized area. Feel free to contact the DNR and have your voice heard!
UFWDA- In order for UWFDA to stay afloat they are choosing the most significant issues to support. The Annual General Meeting in June was poorly attended and may be leaning towards webinar meetings in the future. The Jeep raffle ends December 31, 2013 or when all 4000 tickets are sold, whichever comes first.
WOHVA- Has been very involved in legislation for the sticker/decal program. For a copy of the bill and more details go to http://legiscan.com/WI/bill/AB369/2013. Discussion of some of the concerns of AB369 was in the definitions of Class A and B vehicles and the road tax exemptions.
MW4WDA- Nothing to report.
Membership— Three membership packets were given out at Trailcon to potential members.
Lake States Resource Alliance (LSRA)— by Helen Wagner. The Forest Service has used 47% of their budget for fire control. The BOD for LSRA consists of atv, snowmobile, 4WD, forestry, lumber company and wildlife representatives. LSRA helps to sponsor Trees For Tomorrow and also provides grants to other programs that provide environmental based education. LSRA has finally received their 501c3 certification. The display owned by LSRA can be borrowed with an agreement. It has been reported that 54% of the land in Forest County is national forest. Only 13% of the remaining property is taxable income for the county. An economic boost such as an OHV is very welcome. Individual membership to LSRA is $25.00.
Motorized Recreation Area- The DNR is still open to purchasing property near an urban area for an OHV park. If you know of any please contact Dan Schuller at the DNR.
RTP- Any organizations may apply for funding with a 50/50 grant. Applications need to be sent by May 1, 2014(tentative date). Forms may be found on the DNR website. Remember to thank your legislators for voting to keep these funds available.
Region A report by Arnold and Beverly Miller reported on the Toys For Tots trail ride. Many toys and a good amount of cash was donated.
Region B report by Orlin Clark, no news. Although Orlin suggested that we contact any areas that have been closed to 4WD to see if the businesses in that area experiencing an economic growth or downfall.
Region C by Helen Wagner- no news.
Elections held;
Region A VP- Arnold Miller
Region C VP- Helen Wagner
Region B Assistant VP- Dave Bahr
Luana Schneider was appointed State Director.
Four Wheelin With Feelin by Luana Schneider. There were 60 vehicles with donation for the March of Dimes being around $14,000.00. Luana has contacted the forester to be sure that there was no damage to trails from the wet weather. She also wrote an article for the local paper t thank the area businesses and residents for their support. Jim G. showed interest in keeping the rally ‘alive’, but to support the 4wd sport in some way.
Trailcon given by Helen Wagner. The advertising could have been better listing all the participating sports. Represented were ATV, campers, snowmobiling, horse, 4WD and the DNR. There was lots of interaction between the user groups. More education is needed with the younger generation to Tread Lightly.

New Business:
Discussion about the date of the Spring Convention and the possible sharing of date and venue with WOHVA if the location could be more central. A letter was going to be sent to WOHVA proposing a joint venture on the spring meeting/convention. Better communication with W4WDA members about important notices/issues. Presentation by Jim Goeldner for WORVPI. Followed by discussion on whether or not and how much financial support to pledge to WORVPI. There were many questions that those in attendance had about where the money would go and how it would be spent. There was some confusion on what the money was needed for by the end of the year. Jim promised to get the answers to us that he did not have. Orlin Clark motioned that W4WDA pledge $1000.00 from the land use fund to be determined by the BOD for WORVPI, the green tier program for WORVPI or the sticker/decal program. This motion was seconded and passed. Consider joining WORVPI at an individual or club level. WORVPI has also come out with a Charter VIP Pass for $150.00. The following is direct from WORVPI’s website: As a Charter VIP Pass holder you will receive one Annual VIP Pass issued the first year our Park opens. You’ll also have your name engraved on a custom plaque which will be permanently displayed in our Park office, a limited edition Charter VIP Pass dash plaque (which you can mount on your trail or tow vehicle) and a limited edition Charter VIP Pass windshield decal . With the dash plaque and windshield decal you’ll be able to show the world that you’re a true Badger State Off-Road Trail Enthusiast. Please visit their website for more information.

Winter Meeting is at Hidden Waters Golf course in Waupaca, WI on January 11, 2014. Meeting starts at 9am, please bring a dish for the potluck lunch.

Adjourned 1:26pm.

Please reference Luana’s report for more details.

Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Bahr, Secretary.

The 2014 Spring Convention will be held at Best Western Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls on April 26, 2014. A host club is still needed contact Cindy Bahr. More details to follow.

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