Public Hearing Notice – Assembly Bill 369

On Wednesday, September 25 the State of Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage will hold a Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 369.  This Bill relates to: regulation of off-highway vehicles (i.e., establishing a sticker program creating a source of revenue to create and maintain 4WD trail riding opportunities).  The Public Hearing will be held at the Wisconsin State Capitol is room 417 North (GAR Hall) beginning at 10:31am.  It is vital to the successful passage of Assembly Bill 369 that 4WD enthusiasts attend the Hearing and voice their support for this important legislation.

Assembly Bill 369 is sponsored by Representatives Mursau, Swearingen, A. Ott, Bies and Kahl.  In the Wisconsin State Senate it is co-sponsored by Senators Tiffany and Gudex.  If you’re a constituent of one or more of these elected officials be sure to call them and express your thanks!


If you’re not able to attend the Public Hearing you can relay your support of Assembly Bill 369 Representative Alvin Ott (Chair of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage) via snail mail, email or telephone at:

Representative Alvin Ott

Room 323 North

State Capitol

P.O. Box 8953

Madison, WI  53708

(888) 534-0003

Remember that your comment will make a difference and it needs to be received prior to the Hearing (September 25th).  Be sure to contact your State Senator and State Representative as well as Representative Alvin Ott.

To find out more about this legislation, including the Announcement of Public Hearing, visit WOHVA News in the WOHVA General Public Forums on our Web Site at

Happy Trails,

The WOHVA Sticker Program Team

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