Minutes – Spring Convention 2013

Minutes – Spring Convention 2013



April 20, 2013


Review and revised agenda as needed.

Discussed the possible change of date for 2014 spring Convention.


President Sam Vandenberg called the meeting to order at 9:01am.

Roll call was held.

Secretary’s Report was approved as printed.

Treasurer’s Report  was accepted as printed.

James Goeldner representing WOHVA and Damage Inc. was very informative and entertaining.

Committee Reports;

Pipeline- Open June 1, watch WOHVA’s website for volunteer opportunities to maintain and clean. It was discussed that there has been some vandalism of gates/berms while the area is closed.

Website- Send any information to Amanda Cottrell and she will update website.

Bylaws/SOP- Nothing to report.

SCORP-You may access the full report on the WI DNR website. 19% of all Wisconsin citizens use 4WD for recreation at least once a year.

STC- The next meeting is April 25, 10am-3pm, at the State Capitol Building in Madison, WI. This meeting is open to the public. There will be a presentation in regard to the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area. See Luana’s  Director’s report for more information.

UFWDA- There is a new land use committee who requests a state representative to sit in on conference calls. The annual UFWDA meeting/convention will be June 26-30, 2013 in Manitou Springs, CO.

MW4WDA- Luana wants to be sure that all 4 wheel drive clubs that belong to MW4WDA, with a 100% of their members sign up, is aware that their trail ride/events are covered under the insurance policy that MW4WDA pays for. The premium this year went up just over $100.00. This is a very valuable asset to have available to local clubs. Currently membership per person is $9.00.

WOHVA- James Goeldner presented two videos, one published in 2004 from Canada and the other he and his nephews did. Both put a very positive spin on off-road activities, showing how family and environmentally friendly our sport can be. Remember  trails can be fire breaks, as well as a road system for wildlife. James is preparing to do another more professional video showing the positives of our sports. Feel free to contact him  through the WOHVA.com website if you wish to participate he will soon be the membership chair for that organization. James also updated us on the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc(WORVPI). Based in Forest county Wisconsin, WORVPI is gaining momentum to become a reality. Please visit their website(worvpi.org) for membership  opportunities to help fund this park.

Membership—Application was given to Damage Inc. There are currently 167 members of W4WDA.

Lake States Resource Alliance (LSRA)—Helen Wagner reported that LSRA has 63,335 members. Each Board of Director is to create a power point presentation of the sport/organization that they represent.  July 17 is the next meeting. There is a calendar of events on the website along with links to different organizations. The raffle drawing will be May 15. The biggest sales in ATV’s are the side by side vehicles.

Budget Committee had no report. There will be a time set up at the fall meeting for a budget to be reviewed.

Motorized Recreation Area- See Luana’s report for a more details. The DNR is requesting help with locating land in central and southern Wisconsin for a OHV park.

RTP- Any organizations may apply for funding with a 50/50 grant. Applications need to be sent by May 1, 2013. Forms may be found on the DNR website.

Region A report by Arnold and Beverly Miller, nothing to report.

Region B report by Orlin Clark, no changes since January.

Region C by Helen Wagner- She got no response from the newspaper that published a discouraging article about OHV involving a small user group.

Public Service- Rod and Luana Schneider have decided that this will be their last year as Rally Masters for the Four Wheelin With Feelin. Anyone care to take over? This will be the 35th year and they hope to pass the million dollar mark. The March of Dimes are changing their policy as to their participation in this fundraiser also.

TailCon USA- Helen hasn’t heard anything and will be contacting Adam Harden.

Needed, a volunteer to host the fall meeting in Lacrosse at the Days Inn October 18-19, 2013.

A motion was made and passed the W4WDA join WORVPI as a club membership.

A discussion was brought forth to help member clubs with a ‘grant’ from W4WDA to help in responsible promotion of the OHV sport/clubs. It was decided that there is already a clause in the by-laws for expenditures $250 and under to be overseen by the President and Vice Presidents. Please contact your region VP for more information.

Crandon Race Track will have trails open on 400 acres during the 4th of July weekend for Trucks Gone Wild.

Fall Elections;

Region A,  VP- Arnold Miller

Region B, Assistant VP- Dave Bahr

Region C, VP- Helen Wagner

State Director-(an appointed position)  Luana volunteered.

Adjourned  11:41am.

The Midwest/Wisconsin Fall Meeting will be October 19, 2013 at Days Inn Lacrosse,WI.

The Winter Meeting will be January 11, 2013 at Hidden Waters in Waupaca with a potluck lunch.

Please reference Luana’s report for more details.

Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Bahr, Secretary.

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