Minutes – W4WDA Fall Meeting 2012


October 20, 2012


Vice President Sam Vandenberg will chair the meeting.

Reviewed the agenda and made revisions if needed.


Vice President Sam Vanderberg called the meeting to order at 8:43am.

Roll call was held.

Secretary’s Report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report was introduced by Luana Schneider as Mary Hoernke was absent. Report was accepted as printed.

There were a few new people to welcome.

Committee Reports;

Pipeline– WOHVA will be organizing a cleanup and they have received some RTP funds to fix a portion. Watch WOHVA’s website for volunteer opportunities.

Land use– Sauk Prairie Recreation Area(aka Badger Ammo) hosted an open house on October 20. The public was able to tour the property by car following a designated route. Luana asks that 4WD enthusiasts contact the Wisconsin DNR to request OHV use on the property.

Website– Hosted by Brian Swearingen.

Bylaws/SOP– Nothing to report.

Scorp– Luana just received the new report which is generated every 5 years. OHV was listed as one of the least calorie burning outdoor activities.

STC– The next meeting is November 2, 10am-3pm, in Suamico, WI. This meeting is open to the public.

UFWDA– Officers are working as efficient as possible to save the organization money. Carla Boucher is representing UFWDA as needed. If you are interested on being on a land use committee contact Luana for specifics.

MW4WDA– Luana reported there is nothing new since W4WDA Winter Meeting, although she is curious about whether the insurance premium will go up.

WOHVA– same as Pipeline Report.

Membership—Helen Wagner will be sending packets to new clubs that participated in the March of Dimes Rally.

Lake States Resource Alliance (LSRA)—Helen Wagner is new representative for W4WDA on board. The committee is reforming and there is a new website and newsletter. The website has a new forum for BOD to communicate to each other. LSRA has made a donation to Trees for Tomorrow. W4WDA may do a demo with a logging crew during a demo day. Discussion followed on the pine martin research. Next meeting is January 18, 2013.

Budget Committee had no report.

Motorized Recreation Area– Luana reported that there has been no land secured as yet by Wisconsin.

RTP– Any organizations may apply for funding with a 50/50 grant. Applications need to be sent by May 1, 2013.

Region A report by Arnold and Beverly Miller, $800.00 was raised for Child Awareness.

Region B report by Orlin Clark, nothing specific.

Region C by Sam Vandenberg—4×4 Forever are selling bottle cozies as a cancer fund raiser. $5.00 each with $2.50 going to cancer research.

Trail Ride Reports;

Spring Run hosted by 4L4W, there were no participants other than 4L4W members.

Spring Fling, 2 clubs attended. May 4, 2013 is tentative date for next year’s ride. Motion was made and passed that W4WDA cover up to $500.00 of cost.

Rod and Luana will be delegates for W4WDA at UFWDA meetings.

Four Wheelin With Feelin for the March of Dimes raised over $18,000.00. The live auction for a vehicle in next year’s logo was fun and entertaining. For $600.00, a Bronco will grace the 2013 shirts. October 5, 2013 will be the date, location to be determined. Due to the high cost of patches and dash plaques, these may have to be replaced with an alternative.

Dues will remain the same.

Recent legislation has changed to hunting, fishing and trapping open in all state parks unless stated closed—used to be closed unless stated open. There are those that are not comfortable with this legislation and are pushing for some amendments to this legislation.

Luana and Cindy will work on setting up a group email, so that communication is easier among members.

Elections were held with the following results;

President- Sam Vandenberg

Region B VP-Orlin Clark

Secretary- Cindy Bahr

Treasurer- Mary Hoernke

Region A Assistant VP Board member- Nate Odman

Region c Assistant VP Board member- Jesse Thompson

Helen Wagner was appointed by Sam Vandenberg to fulfill the Region C Assistant VP Board member position.

Adjourned 11:44am.

The April Midwest/Wisconsin 2013 CONVENTION on April 19, 20 & 21, 2013 with vendors, workshops, and seminars. Hosted by River City Four Wheelers and Weekend Four Wheelers located in Lacrosse, WI.

The Winter Meeting will be January 12, 2013 at Hidden Waters in Waupaca with a potluck lunch.

Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Bahr, Secretary.

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