State Director Report – October 2012

October 20, 2012


TRAVEL MANAGEMENT RULE (ROUTE DESIGNATIONS) ON NATIONAL FORESTS The Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for 2011-2012 is available. The Pipeline is open only 6/1 through 3/14. Therefore, NOT OPEN for Memorial Day! Keep in mind trails/roads that are not listed and you want to use, you need to submit a request to have that specific trail/road added to the annual update of the MVUM for consideration by November 30, 2012. This also applies to dates of usage!! The information you submit should be as specific as possible. You can contact Joan Marburger, CNNF Supervisor’s Office, 1170 4th Ave. South, Park Falls, WI 54552, 715-762-5178.

PIPELINE CLEAN-UP AND WORK WEEKENDS Watch for information on these dates on the W4WDA and WOHVA websites. WOHVA has an RTP grant and possibly some other sources also to work on the Pipeline. Help is being requested.


INVASIVE SPECIES GROUP There is a brochure out via the DNR website specific to Four Wheel Drive and others specific to other users. It is recommended you use this flyer for your goodie bags and meetings.

STATE TRAILS COUNCIL (STC) As an official voting member of the STC representing Four Wheel Drive (FWD) such as Jeeps, trucks, etc., my objectives are to encourage a change of policy to establish less closure of public lands, encourage establishing Off Road parks in Wisconsin and encourage more Multi-Use (Shared Trails) that include OHV (FWD).

There are many Master Plans occurring of which the one we need to get very involved in is the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area [old Badger Ammunition Site (see below)].

There was a report on the Motorized Recreation Area that the state is attempting to purchase land for (See Below).

There is a draft of the minutes of the July 9 STC teleconference meeting (go to the DNR site and type in STC). The next meeting is November 2 at the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, 2024 Lakeview Drive, Suamico, WI 54173 from 10 am – 3 pm.

You are very welcome to sit in on any of the STC meetings. To learn more about the Council, details of future meetings, read the minutes, etc. you can go to the DNR website noted above.

RECREATIONAL TRAILS PROGRAM (RTP) Remember to thank your legislators that have voted to keep these funds available and particularly Rep. Petri. At this point funding for 2012 for RTP funding here in Wisconsin is still available to us for trail projects—if you have a trail project, you may want to check into the possibility of it being eligible for these funds on 50-50 grant, contact the DNR for more info on this—May 1 is the deadline for submitting requests.

DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM The Secretary of the Department of Tourism, Stephanie Klett is very supportive of motorized recreation—we need to let her know what she can do to help us out. Remember our various events that are trail type events where the public is welcome we should submit to the Dept. of Tourism and ask the Chamber of Commerce in the area of the event to also submit to Tourism and advertise in the area for you. Keep that in mind when planning your event and looking at advertising angles. I would be interested in what success or problems you have when doing this.

STATE COMPREHENSIVE OUTDOOR RECREATION PLAN (SCORP) The plan for this five year period was worked on with the UW doing the surveys, reviews, etc Initially this time they had lumped ATV, UTV, 4WD, & OHM together, but later separated them and 19% of Wisconsin citizens recreate with their 4WD at least once a year.

MOTORIZED RECREATION AREA (MRA) The DNR is in search of property for an MRA. This area should be close to an urban area, with good highway access, have local acceptance, a method of financing and adequate acreage. The DNR’s vision is not to make this a competitive type of park, but a family oriented place which would include a nice picnic grounds. The hopes are to draw from other states and have every intention of making it self-sustaining. The largest stumbling block they are running into is “local acceptance”. I asked if the “local acceptance” was with government entities in the area or the local people. The response was from both, however currently it is to have a piece of property available to even go further. I have offered our assistance in getting endorsements from businesses, etc. if they want them. It has been suggested we talk to our local legislators in regard to this. The Dual Sport Group is ready to set up a Friend’s Group for such a park. The DNR are currently looking at a site in southern Wisconsin in the part of the state where land prices are not currently as high and the area definitely is in need of some economic growth. Negotiations are occurring, but currently not looking real good. The DNR is looking for ideas for other possible lands that may be available—IF YOU HAVE ANY LEADS, let them know!! THE DNR WANTS YOUR EXPERIENCES!! THEY WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN AN MRA (OHV PARK). You can send via e-mail to the Dan Schuller at or or you can send to Wisconsin DNR, c/o Dan Schuller, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921. Remember to emphasize the MRA is NOT to be a replacement for our use of public lands but an addition to or as some call it an enhancement to our recreation!

REGISTRATION/STICKER/DECAL PROGRAM Legislation to implement a sticker program for Off-Highway Four Wheel Driving and Off-Highway Motorcycles is currently being written. WOHVA has sent out a letter to all clubs asking that the clubs and its members send letters supporting the concept of a decal program and send it to WOHVA to be included in a packet to be sent to the legislators who will actually write up the legislation. W4WDA has sent a concept letter support letter to WOHVA and each club should do the same. The legislation was to be introduced last January, but due to much other legislation on Rep Jeff Mursau’s desk, this did not happen. Rep. Mursau has stated that they will be finishing it up this summer/fall and have it ready to introduce next January. It is apparently currently being redrafted. You should contact your representative in regard to this legislation and your interest in having something like this passed. I do have a copy of the proposal before the last work up for anyone who may wish to see it. Let’s hope that we see something introduced this January!!

25 YEAR PLAN REVIEW OF STATE FORESTS/MASTER PLANS These are occurring. We need to know which areas are being looked at right now and let people know in those areas to keep an eye on these for us to respond to what is being done. This is another opportunity for us that is being lost. This is another one of those projects that isn’t so large in itself that someone could be doing. Let me know of interest out there and let’s see what we can put together.

SAUK PRAIRIE RECREATION AREA (OLD BADGER AMMUNITION PLANT) A master plan for this area has begun. There is at least 1,800 acres there (could be quite a bit more depending on what the Indians take) and would be great if we could get some trails included in this. I have attended the initial workshop on July 30 and have been in contact with the individual who is coordinating this several times. There seems to be some real interest by the DNR to include some trails in the area for motorized, however there is a major push by others to not let that happen. I look at it as a push for a mini wilderness attempt. We need to push back if we want to be included in usage of this area.

BLACK RIVER FALLS (BRF) I have not done anything in regard to collecting information on this at this point in time.



Initially it sounds like it is for cross country skiing. So far I have found out it can be used for other “nature based” activities. Four Wheel Drive is listed as a “nature based” activity in SCORP, but I am uncertain of the definition in this case—something I am checking into further. So far my understanding is that it would not include us. Hopefully Sam Vandenberg has more on this.

After Memorial Day weekend the park was officially closed unless insurance and permit issues can be resolved. There are some opportunities available under certain circumstances. The campground is now also closed unless someone is found who is interested in managing it.

SPRING FLING Will there be one in 2013?

Rally went over quite well and I heard a lot of compliments about the event–good clues, nice route, beautiful scenery. Could have been warmer—I have heard some did not come because of the frigid conditions. Raised over $18,000 for the March of Dimes and there were 65 vehicles that participated. Thank you letters and patches are currently being worked on. Need to discuss patches & decals.

The 2013 rally date and site have not been anchored as of yet. As soon as these are anchored there will be a notice on the W4WDA and Rally site—let’s discuss.

We are in dire need of folks who may be interested in helping out on planning, taking on a project and/or working the day of the rally, please contact me at! There are all sorts of projects that can be done!

NEED LOSS OF LAND I keep asking for this info and no one seems to have had land lost to them since we do not seem to be getting any info on this. Yes, I would like to have a list of ALL lands/trails in Wisconsin that you know of that have been lost—whether it is on public or private land. Would like any info you may have on why.

In addition to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) there are Spring and Fall conference calls to keep the delegates updated.

Carla Boucher met with other user groups who voiced their unified concerns on the RTP legislation and other issues—very productive! Also, Pat Brower (Business Manager) has been out west again and has gained some good support that will be showing up soon in the form of memberships and a good increase in the treasury.

The AGM was held in York, Pennsylvania in July. Preceding the meetings PA Jeep hosted the United delegates at the PA Jeep show where there were over 600 Jeeps of all sorts. Jeeps were shown in various categories and could also enter in an obstacle course and there were many vendors to show their products. Since United’s booth was not going to make it we set up our motorhome as the booth and met many interesting folks and told them about United and various associations around the country! On Monday and Tuesday the meetings occurred and the minutes for those meetings are posted on the website. The guest speaker at the banquet was the owner/manager of the Rausch Creek facility. He gave us many insites on their trials and tribulations and how they overcame them and where they are going and how successful things have been for them. There was a land use seminar as part of those two days and there was a live via internet presentation from the South African Land Use person—was an extensive presentation and they are very involved in land use closures, etc. It made us realize that the issues we experience here are universal. The day after the meetings the delegates were hosted by Rausch Creek to see their off road park and the major increases they have recently made to their facility!

I routinely forward to W4WDA & MW4WDA through their webmaster & W4WDA Yahoo group info on various things United is doing and also notices of when the new monthly United e-news is out that you can access on United’s site. The e-news is a great way to keep up-to-date on what is happening in United. If you haven’t as of yet, sign up through United’s internet site so you can be notified directly when the new e-news comes out. Also, for those of you that are members of United, you should be receiving a notice as to when the electronic quarterly United’s Voice comes out. You can also go to United’s Forum for more info and to also state your opinions, ideas, etc. Please read these in order to be informed!!

United is a very important organization to the four wheel drive community!! It is the ONLY viable organization that represents ONLY four wheel drive on a national level and it accomplishes so much with so little. The problem still is the dollars and how to get to the pockets that have the big dollars to get involved with such an organization and use those dollars as economically feasible as possible. I know the volunteers and the employees of United are working very hard!!

UNITED LAND USE COMMITTEE—United would like to have a representative from each member organization on this committee—that includes one from both W4WDA and MW4WDA. I don’t think this in itself would be a difficult committee to be on. It is a means of discussing land use issues in our area with others and by sharing issues and experiences hopefully there can be some help for us and we in turn can help others. The Four Lakes Four Wheelers has an individual, Dave Dick, who has volunteered to represent the club and W4WDA on this committee. For the being time Pat Brower is heading up until a new Land Use Director is elected.

UNITED CONVENTION IN 2013 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) The meeting will be held in the Colorado Springs area June 26 & 27 (Wednesday & Thursday) with trailrides before and/or after the meetings. Everyone is welcome! For more info check United’s website.

UNITED TRAIL PATROL PROGRAM United has a Trail Patrol Program that Rod & I have presented to W4WDA in the past and members have used. There is now a power point CD on this program that I have purchased and at any time we would like to have a presentation at a meeting again, we can do that.

UNITED TRAIL RIDE WHEEL-IN These Wheel-Ins were quite fun and were held at different sites. Presently United is looking for a group that may be interested in holding such an event.

LAKE STATES RESOURCE ALLIANCE (LSRA) Gil and/or Helen Wagner have been attending meetings. John Schnorr is the new President. Gil is not on the board anymore, but Helen Wagner is running for the position to represent W4WDA & MW4WDA.

COUNTY TEN YEAR PLANS AGAIN I am informing you that the County ten year plans are continuously being worked on—either for the current 10 years or the next. Counties need to report to the DNR on these plans. Contact your county and find out the status of your county’s plan. You can also check your county website at of your county) for what is coming up or send them an e-mail through their website. We need YOU to communicate with YOUR county officials IMMEDIATELY to see what type of input they have received from four wheel drive (OHV’s) such as Jeeps, Trucks, etc. recreationists and let them know that we are definitely out there and want to be included in their recreational plans for the County Forest!

FOREST CERTIFICATION comments.html . United Four Wheel Drive Associations has major concern especially in Wisconsin and other midwest states in regard to this. Apparently Wisconsin is a leader in this action and all state forests are certified while the National Forest is not. There is also an attempt to get all county and private forests also certified in the state. This is another topic that needs to be addressed by us and would be majorly helpful if someone could take this on as their project. NOTE: You can get more info on this and have more internet sites to go to for more info, it is and what_we_do/forest_cert/certification. .

WISCONSIN OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE ASSOCIATION (WOHVA) WOHVA again hosted the Wisconsin Jeep Jamboree (July 19, 20 & 21) and the Annual Great Northern Trailride (August 17 & 18). Both events are held on the Mole Lake land in Forest County and were quite successful. WOHVA is also very involved in getting a decal program up for Four Wheel Drive in the state of Wisconsin. Go to the WOHVA website for more info on many of their other activities. There should be an official events listing out shortly.

WISCONSIN OFF HIGHWAY MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION (WOHMA) They have written up a white paper for legislation on a fee (sticker) program for offroad motorcycles and are proceeding on getting legislation submitted hopefully in January. They also now have a new updated website.

FOREST COUNTY OHV PARK (WORVPI) A coalition has been formed in regard to establishing a Motorized Recreation Area. This park has a potential of consisting of as much as10,000 acres. They are looking at various parcels of land and at various means of funding and grants to make this happen. Many of the local key players such as the Forest County Chairman, Forest County Sheriff’s Department, and others are in support of this.

They are promoting membership in this at $10 per membership—I would encourage this. I have forms with me or DATE! you can go to their website and get one. Their annual membership meeting was held May 12 at Potowatomi Carter Casino & Hotel. At present they are reviewing logistics, grant availability, marketing and feasibility studies etc. Brian Swearingen is on the Board. The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on October 17 at Forest County Chamber of Commerce in Crandon from 4:30-6:00.

CRANDON INTERNATIONAL Their facility will be open from May 1 to October 31 for camping and will be used as a trailhead for ATV’s. There will be rockcrawling, moguls and mudpit available for playing in and on. I do not have clear information if these play areas will be available Four Wheel Drive vehicles or not. Also, I wonder about short trails on their property. This could readily also dovetail with the Forest County OHV Park. Would someone like to explore this further?

MEMBERSHIP–Helen Wagner holds this position and is ready and willing to follow up on any leads you may
have for her!

LAND USE CHAIR FOR YOUR REGION AND YOUR CLUB We need to have every region appoint a land use chair and also every club. These folks then can follow through with many things found in this report. Also I for one and I am sure there are others in W4WDA who would like to have the name, address and phone number of that person so we have a contact. Could this be the W4WDA Assistant Regional VP?

SPILL KITS This is becoming more and more a need in order to go to some offroad parks, etc. The biodegradable kits are available through U4WDA.

Communication is so key in an organization going forward!! Let’s use the forms of electronic communications more to keep everyone up on what is happening!

GET INVOLVED Everyone, seriously think of taking on one project and then follow it through. We need more people to get involved in order to even keep what we have. There are many of us ready and able to help you, we just can’t be working on all these projects. There are many other projects that need to be done. Taking just a small piece can make such a big difference!!

GET TO KNOW YOUR REPRESENTATIVES, FORESTERS, RANGERS AND OTHER GOVERNMENT HEADS IN YOUR AREA!!! Let them know your interest in Four Wheel Drive trails and state parks that include Four Wheel Drive trails. Explain to them what we do. Invite them out on a trail or even a work weekend!




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