Minutes – W4WDA Winter Meeting 2012

Board of Director’s Meeting
Call to Order
8:37am by John Graham, President.
Appointed to vacant offices;
Region C VP- Sam Vandenberg (4×4 Forever, LTD.)
Region B Assistant VP Board Member-Dave Bahr (4 Lakes 4 Wheelers)
Secretary- Cindy Schmitt (4Lakes 4 Wheelers)
Amanda Cottrell reported that OHV enthusiasts had an opportunity to send in their stories to NOHVCC on a life lesson they learned while off roading with family, friends or others.
Discussion followed on;

  • The possible reduction of dues because we no longer mail the newsletter by snail mail.
  • Website host Brian Swearingen at no cost to W4WDA. Need to contact him for future needs.
  • Reimbursement of travel to officers.
  • W4WDA expenses vs. income. Currently W4WDA only income other than membership is the money made from the Four Wheelin with Feelin t-shirts which is set for the sunshine fund. Discussion of renewals of membership.

General Meeting
Call to order at 9:00am by President John Graham.
Mission statement read.
Roll Call
Officers present;
President- John Graham
Secretary-Cindy Schmitt
Treasurer-Mary Hoernke
Region A VP-Arnold Miller
Region B VP- Mark Oelfke
Region B Assistant VP Board member- Dave Bahr
Region C VP- Sam Vandenberg
Region C Assistant VP Board member- Helen Wagner
Officers absent;
Region A Assistant VP Board member-Jon Clemens
Member Clubs
Badger State 4-Wheelers
Borderline 4×4 Trailseekers
Lone Riders 4×4
4 Lakes 4 Wheelers, Inc.
River City 4-Wheelers
Roadside 4-Wheelers-not present
Weekend 4-Wheelers, Inc.
REGION C:Badgerland TNT
4×4 Forever, Ltd.
Green Bay High Riders, Ltd
Trailgators 4-Wheeers, Inc.
Secretary Report
There were no officers present to hold a business meeting at the Fall Convention 2011 in Black River Falls, WI. Motion was made and seconded to accept minutes as non-existent and to move forward with meeting.
Treasurer’s Report given by Mary Hoernke
Gil Wagner was reimbursed for mileage to Lake States Resource Alliance gathering.
A request was made to change the spreadsheet to make the report more understandable. Luana reviewed the Treasurer’s report. There was a discussion of income over expenses, keeping in mind that W4WDA has lost 20 clubs over the last 30 years.
No guests present.
Committee Reports
Pipeline– Will be closed Memorial Weekend 2012. The pipeline will be open June 1 to March 14. www.fs.usda.gov/cnnf then on the left go to maps and publications, from there go to the bottom where it says Features and click on NEW!  2011 MVUM Update Decision Released!, from there go under 2011 MVUM Decisions Maps and click on Lakewood Luana  Ranger District (make for sure you are on the 2011 one and NOT the 2010 one). You will see the map and on the left  side some charts. In order to read the map and charts you’ll need to go to 100%. The pipeline is trail ID 55552 which  you can see the pipeline trail on the map which is on the far west end of the map just south of F and goes to 64. If you go to the chart and find Trail ID number 55552 you’ll under Highway Legal Vehicle duration it says 06/01-03/14. Therefore, the Pipeline is closed 3/15-5/31.
Land use– Previously covered by Tim Krueger. No report.
Website– Is hosted by IH8MUD.Com. Brian Swearingen will help. Suggestions were made to open Facebook page. Our younger generation is much more into this media type, Brian will host this as well. Many Thanks to Brian for your help and assistance!
Bylaws and SOP-given by Amanda Cottrell
*Amanda has the current SOP’s and will do some editing of the January 2011 revision.
*As far as the bylaws there was a proposed revision in April 2007. It is unclear if they were ever voted on, this will be checked. Discussion followed on changes to the bylaws. Amanda will get a copy of the current bylaws to Brian for the website.
S.C.O.R.P.-given by Luana Schneider
In coordination with the UW there are surveys, reviews and such being done which should be finished in 2012. Currently 4WD in being lumped into a group with other motorized users. 19% of Wisconsin residents fall under this group. If you should be surveyed, please have them be aware of 4WD opportunities.
S.T.C.– given by Luana Schneider
Luana is now an appointed voting member of the STC. A regular meeting conference call was on January 13. She will be trying to keep the trails we use open to us and working towards an off road park. As well as sharing trails with other user groups.
UFWDA– given by Luana Schneider
There was talk of dues restructuring. It is important that UFWDA has our support because it is the only national organization that just supports 4WD.
MW4WDA-given by Cindy Schmitt (aka Luana)
Minutes were read from the Fall Convention.Discussion followed about location and dates of the Spring Convention for W4WDA and MW4WDA. A location needs to be decided ASAP. It was decided that the date should change as to not interfere with WOHVA weekend. It was decided to look into booking our current location for the Spring Convention.
Membership given by Helen Wagner
Currently there are no new applicants. Discussion followed on how to generate new interest in W4WDA. A suggestion was that the Facebook page may help, because so many people are on Facebook every day.
Lake States Resource Alliance given by Gil Wagner.
New President is John Schnorr.. The organization will be on Facebook and Twitter soon. There is an increase in individual and corporate member dues as to help increase revenue. The membership is down from previous numbers. There will be a raffle, but the tickets are not printed as of yet. The meeting will be held quarterly instead of bi-monthly.
General discussion followed pertaining to W4WDA involvement in LSRA and the importance of our involvement in it.
Newsletter will be on hiatus until further notice.
Any information to be shared can be sent to Cindy Schmitt or Brian Swearingen
Budget -no report
FORP– no report
MRA (Motorized Recreation Area)- given by Luana Schneider
WOHVA is working with a county in the northern part of the state to open land up to a recreational park. Wisconsin Off Road Park will be a county run recreation area. The county may be able to get grants from the state to open/run this area. The state of Wisconsin is still looking for land available in the southern part of the state and possibly an area specified for camping. There is believed to be 2 possible areas and we may know as early as 6 weeks from now. A decal program may be used to help maintain the chosen property. The economic impact is a big factor for the creation of an off road recreation area.
RTP given by Luana Schneider
This funding is in jeopardy. . The Department of Transportation has the final say where this tax money will go. RTP funds that are dedicated to users are not mandated by the state.
ARRA (Americans of Responsible Recreation Access) given by Luana Schneider
It is suggested that we get on their email list.
Region VP Reports
Region A given by Arnold Miller Toys for Tots went well. Participants donated a toy valued at $20.00 or a cash donation for the same amount. A 100 mile Rummage sale was a success the proceeds went to the Hope Coalition which spreads the awareness of child abuse.
Region B given by John Graham
The Huston Park ran into a problem with an access road which hopefully will be resolved on January 14, 2012.
Region C given by Sam Vandenberg
Quarry Quest at Michael’s quarry was attended by approximately 15,000-20,000 people. In the past about $940,000.00 has been raised and sent to different charities.
Old Business
WOHVA given by Luana Schneider
Luana had handouts and passed around other information. Anyone may register on WOHVA’s website and see information that is not available to the public.
New Business
Sticker Program-given by Luana Schneider
Luana plans to call Representative Merso and find out how the legislature is written. It is recommended to take the word sticker out and perhaps use the word decal. OHV discussion followed as to be grouped with road vehicles.
Spring Fling– given by John Graham
John will contact Apple Valley Farms to see with they are willing to host W4WDA again this year.Spring Run
Four Lakes Four Wheelers invited members of W4WDA to participate in their club event in Antigo, WI the last weekend of April 2012.
Old Fart Party
Chris Hannis is turning 40! He will be hosting a party at Hunter’s Sports Bar at the corner of Highways 96 & W. Camping is available at the ball park. Contact Chris for more details 9ers cruiser@gmail.com or 920-379-6074
March of Dimes given by Luana
The Rally held in Arbor Vitae, WI rose just over $17,000.00. There were 66 participants. A few of the regulars didn’t show because of the lack of obstacles, but overall it was a gorgeous day with beautiful scenery. Luana has extra dash plaques, patches and t-shirts for those interested. There are 3 sites she will be looking into for 2012.
It was decided after discussion to leave the dues at the amount they are now.
Reimbursements The possibility of reimbursing officers for travel expenses was raised. The goal is to hopefully get more volunteers to fulfill offices. After discussion it was decided that there was not enough income to support this proposition at this time.
NOHVCC– Amanda Cottrell
Someone is looking for your memories or stories on Life’s lessons learned while on the trail. Please respond to trailhead@nohvcc.org and we will forward on your responses.
Fall Elections 2012
Region B VP
Region A Assistant VP Board member
Region C Assistant VP Board member
Fall Elections 2013
Region A VP
Region C VP
Region B Assistant VP Board member
State Director (this is an appointed position)
Spring Convention will be held April 21, 2012 in Waupaca, WI at Foxfire Inn. A prepaid lunch will be offered contact
Mary Hoernke.
Fall Convention will be October 20, 2012 in Waupaca, WI at Foxfire Inn.
Winter Meeting will be January 12, 2013 in Waupaca, WI at Foxfire Inn.
Adjourned 12:42 pm

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