WHEN:  JUNE 15-17th, 2018 (Registration open 4:00pm Friday June 15th, Trail rides/Wheeling Saturday June 16th, park open for registered participants on Sunday the 17th)


REGISTER at on our Store Page

$50.00 per Vehicle, $5.00 per passenger, $25.00 Camping for the weekend, Tents free

You’ll want to HURRY…  Event limited to only 100 4×4 vehicles (NO ATV/UTVs allowed)


The last hearings on the ROA regions throughout the state are now over and the info is being compiled.  I have to say I am very impressed with those who attended the various hearings throughout the state!  You definitely made a difference in educating those at these meetings about four wheel driving and the need for trails and a park in Wisconsin!  Also, on the reverse many of us also got educated on the DNR’s thoughts and suggestions!!

For those who have not as of yet submitted input on the last two regions please do soon!!  The info must be submitted by January 2!!  There is a quick survey that you can do and please as before send on to friends and whomever may be interested and that includes those out of  state!  Also, you can make copies of the questionnaire hard copy and you can take to your club meeting and hand them out for them to fill out and even send them all in one envelope! Below you will find the link to access the site.

Also, it is time to for you to recap your thoughts regarding access around the whole state and a park to Cameron Bump whose e-mail you will also find in the link below.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Luana Schneider

Meeting Minutes W4WDA Fall Meeting 2017

Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association

Fall Meeting Notes – October 14, 2017

W4WDA 2017 Fall Meeting 2017


  1. Meeting called to order at 8:50 am at Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center

Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg


  1. Roll Call – 13 People present

Officers/Board Members present:  President – Sam Vandenberg, Secretary – Jan Kasper,  Treasurer – Mary Hoernke, Region A VP – Arnie Miller, Region B VP – Orlin Clark, Region C VP – Helen Wagner

Clubs present:  Borderline 4×4 Trailseekers, Lone Riders 4×4, 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, River City 4-Wheelers, Weekend 4-Wheelers, 4×4 Forever, Green Bay High Riders

III.        Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed.

Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

  1. A motion was made to increase the donation to the hosting club to $150. This was approved and the SOP will be updated.
  2. A motion was made to join Tread Lightly at a cost of $100. It was approved and the logo should be added to the banner.
  3. It was agreed to spend up to $250 to update the banner.

Guests – None


  1. Pipeline – No updates, some clubs are cleaning it, being used by web clubs
  2. Website – it was noted that the W4WDA banner does not list the website on it.  It was decided that the email address will be added as well as the “f” symbol for facebook.  The Lake States Resource Alliance will be removed.
  3. S.C.O.R.P. – See Directors report
  4. S.T.C. – See Directors report
  5. United Four Wheel Drive Association – See Directors report
  6. Registration/Sticker/Decal Program – See Directors report
  7. Motorized Recreation Area – See Directors report

Additional discussion:  Harry brought up that there was land near Tigerton.  It was discussed that W4WDA should start a group of people to search for land.  Alex Bubb suggested that they contact the WI Real Estate Group as they may know what is available.

Master Trail Builders Certification – Bridge Brown can set up training and she can work on grants.  Alex suggests that W4WDA have someone get certified.  Brian Much on STC can help with class info.

Rich Wise suggested that we start a committee to search for land.  Sam thinks this should be done by region.  Should we give info from private people to DNR or take care of it ourselves.  Region VPs should do the research and report to Sam and DNR.

It was suggested that we invite a DNR person to go on trail rides so that they can better understand our needs.

Trail Specifications – See Directors report

MW4WDA – Butch Chapin mentioned that there is less than $2,300 in the bank, the insurance premium is more than the clubs are paying.  3 clubs have land owners listed, cost is $103 per club.  He asked the insurance agent to contact these clubs to ask them to pay up.  It was noted that clubs need to pay based on full membership and are due by end of April.

WOHVA – Sam attends the WOHVA board of directors meetings to represent W4WDA.  WOHVA will continue to join W4WDA for the convention.

Membership – Bev gave two new member names to Helen to send info to them.  It was noted that the information to incorporate is on line.

Rally – Group agreed that we need an event of some kind.  Jim from Frontenac Farms said that W4WDA could host an event at their location the weekend of June 16, 2018.  The cost would be $40 per truck, $5 per passenger and camping is $25 per unit with power.  Tent camping is free.  There is a 15 vehicle minimum.  W4WDA would be responsible for the cost if they do not get to the 15 minimum.  It was agreed that we would move forward with scheduling this event.  We can arrive Friday at 4 and have the park until Sunday noon.  W4WDA could charge a little more than the requested fee with the extra going back to W4WDA to cover expense.  There would be no trail guides and we could have a bonfire.  Joel will help with the trail ride, we should come up with a charity for the event.

ROA – See Directors report – We need to remind people to attend these meetings.


VII.       Region Vice Presidents Reports:

Arnie Miller – his club went to a veterans home and hosted a picnic this summer.  It was very well received.  It cost the club $350.

Orlin Clark – nothing new.  He has been busy and would like to see someone else take over but he will try to get more involved.  They have fewer clubs involved now.

Helen Wagner – She plans to attend the ROA meetings.  4×4 Forever hosted a meet and greet and donated proceeds to Rawhide.


VIII.      Old Business

  1. Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA Bill – Nothing new
  2. How to attract people that use social media
  3. Huston Off Road Park – Orlin said MN4WDA had a booth at the MN State Fair.  The Huston park should be open late 2018 or early 2019, it is about 700 acres.  It is progressing but slow.  There may be another private park coming to the Huston area.
  4. Invite WOHVA to all future meetings

New Business

  1. Any ideas on a location that we could host a rally or 4-Wheel to Heal Event
  2. Spring 2018 Meeting – Will be held the weekend of April 14, 2018 details to be determined.  It was agreed that W4WDA will host the 2018 Spring Convention.
  3. Winter Meeting will be January 13, 2018 at Hidden Waters Golf Course in Waupaca at 9am.  It will be a potluck.  W4WDA  will provide the meat & buns.
  4. W4WDA tee-shirts – can now be ordered.  The shirts are available in gray or navy.  There is an order sheet available, which will be posted online.
  5.       Wis Dual Sport Riders – Alex Bubb – check the Wabeno area, they have a map of the area.  Must be a licensed vehicle.
  6. Banner Updates will be made (see previous notes)
  7. The Sunshine Fund will send $50 to Petey from MW4WDA.
  8. Rich Wise from 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers proposed that their club would make a one time $500 matching donation.  Criteria:  1)  all MW members make commitment 2) balance collected through dues 3) no checks will be cashed until enough is received 4) 4 Lakes 4 Wheelers would make up the difference of if all conditions are met.

Fall Elections:

  1. Region A – VP – Arnold Miller – white ballet cast
  2. Region C – VP – Helen Wagner – white ballet cast
  3. Region B – Asst VP – Rod Schneider – white ballet cast


  1. Adjourned

FALL Convention 2017

MW4WDA & W4WDA Fall Convention

This years Fall Convention will be held at the

Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center

100 North Gasser Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

October 13-15, 2017

The hotel has an indoor waterpark and is located next to the outlet mall so bring the wives and kids

With everything available to do in the area I am not planning a lunch or dinner at the hotel

Rooms are: 2-Queen – $79.00, 1-King, or 1-King w/couch and Whirlpool – $79.00 + tax & fees

Check in is 4:00pm Check out is 11:00am

Room Block and rate will be held until September 22, 2015

To reserve a room call 800-648-4765 press 1 and ask for the MW4WDA block

Please RSVP by September 25 to Sam Vandenberg at on Facebook or call 920-268-6869

W4WDA Spring Convention 2017 meeting minutes

W4WDA Spring Convention 2017 Meeting minutes

April 8, 2017 Meeting Notes

 Meeting called to order at 8:37am at Best Western – Tomah, WI

Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg

Roll Call – 24 people present

Officers/Board members present:  President – Sam Vandenberg, Region B V.P. – Orlin Clark, Region C V.P. – Helen Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, State  Director – Luana Schneider  Absent:  Mary Hoernke – Treasurer

Clubs Present:  Borderline 4X4 Trailseekers – Lone Riders 4X4 – 4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, Inc – River City 4-Wheelers – Weekend 4-Wheelers, Inc. – 4X4 Forever, LTD. – Green Bay High Riders, LTD.

Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed..

Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

Guests:  Pete Rohde – Jerry Stephens, WORPVI – Alex Bubb – Brody McLean -Nate Nelson


Pipeline – WOHVA is doing some work

Web Page – No New business

Bylaws/SOP – Amanda Cottrell, Jan Kasper and Helen Wagner reviewed and presented updates to the Bylaws and SOPs.  Previously posted Bylaws changes were discussed distributed and approved by attending delegates.

S.C.O.R.P. – For additional information you can access the full SCORP through the DNR website.  Additional details in Director report.

S.T.C. – Luana is unable to attend the next meeting, she will send someone in her place.  Director report posted.

United Four Wheel Drive Association  – Meetings now held as webinars, details in Director report posted.

Registration/Sticker/Decal Program. Jerry Stephens is now taking the lead on this program.  This program needs a co-sponsor, if anyone knows of someone tell Luana.  Director report posted.

Motorized Recreation Area – Director Report Posted.

Trail Specifications – Director Report Posted.

MW4WDA – Nothing New

WOHVA – GNTR will go on at Apple Valley Farms this year, August 18-19.  Additional details will be posted on the WOHVA website.

Membership –  Helen is working on updating the flyers.  They will be ready for the Fall Meeting.

Rally – Nothing new.

ROA – Everyone is encouraged to go to these meetings.  Luana will send out more information.

Motorized Recreation Area – Nothing new – Director report posted.

Region Vice Presidents Report

Arnold Miller – The $100 donation that was presented to the region was given to Frontenac Farms for their Vets Ride.  They raised over $3,000 which was donated to the local veterans organization.  They will also be holding a Veterans Fund Raiser the last weekend in October as well as a cookout on May 21 as a fundraiser.

Orlin Clark – The $100 donation was given to the emergency food basket in the Onalaska area.  They also donate old magazines to the veterans hospital.

Helen Wagner – $50 of the donation was given to Trailgators 4-Wheelers and the other $50 to 4X4 Forever.  4X4 Forever added their club funds and adopted a family for Christmas from the Salvation Army.

**Reminder submit information on donations or other public actives to United’s e-news for additional exposure.

Old Business

Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – this is being worked on.

How to attract people that use social media – Facebook was discussed.  Younger generations don’t want to go to meetings.  We need to try to get more involved in facebook.  The people who only organize online are not counted when talking to the state regarding usage.  Also unsure if there are liability issues for those groups.  Tim Duenkel’s club is hosting an event on May 6th to provide training.  4X4 Forever is having a Meet & Greet also on May 6th.  Please spread the word to get other off-roaders more involved.

Huston MN off road park – was on hold, but not anymore.  They may have trail days yet in 2017.  Orlin would be the contact for this.

Conference Calling – Is available – be sure to let an officer know if you would like to attend via conference call or Skype for any future meetings.

Going forward we will invite WOHVA to all future meetings.

New Business

Any ideas on a location that we could host a Rally or possibly 4-Wheel to Heal.

Fall 2017 Meeting will be at Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells.  October 13-14, 2017.  Use W4WDA when reserving the room block.  Rooms are $79.

Winter Meeting will be January 13, 2018 at Hidden Waters Golf Course, Waupaca, WI.

Discussed the possibility of selling W4WDA t-shirts.  The cost would be $40 per color for set-up, It was agreed that the white should be included in the background which will  make it a 3 color print.  A motion was passed to pursue.

Brody McClean asked if his club could join with a flat rate.  They have a very small club but they are interested in getting more involved.

Fall Elections 2017 Results

Region A  – Vice President – Arnold Miller

Region C – Vice Present – Helen Wagner

Region B – Asst Vice Present – Rod Schneider


W4WDA Spring 2017 Meeting Minutes

SPRING CONVENTION 2017 Registration form & Agenda

OHV Enthusiasts Workshops and Spring Convention
April 7th – 9th 2017

Please join The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association (WOHVA) and the Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Association (W4WDA) for 2 full days dedicated to educating the OHV community.

Best Western Tomah Hotel
1017 E McCoy Blvd
Tomah, WI 54660
(608) 372-3211

A block of rooms have been reserved under WOHVA & W4WDA with discounted rates!
Weekend Agenda

Friday April 7th
8:00am – 4:00pm Tread Trainer program presented by Treadlightly!®
(Open to the public – Separate registration fee)
4:00pm – 9:00pm W4WDA Hospitality room – BYOB (W4WDA members only)
5:00pm – 6:00pm WOHVA Volunteer Appreciation Cash bar – Mr. P’s Lounge
6:00pm – 9:00pm WOHVA Volunteer Appreciation Banquet (Invite only)
Saturday April 8th
8:30am – 11:00am W4WDA General Membership meeting
11:00am – 1:00pm Lunch break – On your own
1:00pm – 2:00pm WI DNR Road Inventory project – Cameron Bump Project Co Leader
2:00pm – 2:15pm Break
2:15pm – 3:15pm GPS app’s and data transfer – Presented by Chris Walker
(Bring your GPS and Smart Phone for a “hands on session”)
3:15pm – 3:30pm Break
3:30pm – 5:00pm WOHVA Annual Membership meeting
5:00pm – 6:00pm Cash bar (Banquet room)
6:00pm – 7:00pm Buffet style dinner followed by door prize drawing
8:00pm – 12:00am Entertainment provided by

Sunday April 9th
9:00am – 12:00pm MW4WDA Membership meeting

OHV Enthusiasts Workshops annd Spring ConventioRegistration Form
Advanced registration is required. Deadline to register March 24th 2017
There is a $5.00/family Registration fee to attend.

Workshop and Convention Registration                                                             __Total__
______ Registration fee of $5.00 per family                                                       ________
_____ Treadlightly!® Tread Trainer (Registration directly with Treadlightly)
______ WI DNR Road Inventory project update (No Additional Charge)
_____ GPS “Hands On” Workshop (No Additional Charge)
_____ Adult Banquet ($23/plate)                                                                        ________
_____ Children Banquet 12 & under ($8/Plate)                                                  ________

                                                                                                      Total Due:   _________

Registration Information
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: __________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________
Telephone: __________________________________________________________________

Please make check payable to:
OHV Enthusiast’s Workshop & Spring Convention
P.O. Box 1865
Fond Du Lac, WI 54936



W4WDA & WOHVA’s Spring convention is soon approaching….

W4WDA & WOHVA  Spring Convention Is coming up soon & so is Treadlighty’s Tread Trainer Program

WOHVA is pleased to announce the addition of Treadlighly!® Tread Trainer program to our Annual OHV Enthusiast’s Workshops and Membership meeting agenda.

This program will be provided on Friday, April 7th 2017, registration fee is $75.

Mark your calendars now, more information will follow with a complete weekend agenda.

Below is the Link to Register for Tread Trainer Program.

W4WDA 2017 Winter meeting minutes

Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association

January 14, 2017 Meeting Notes

I.  Meeting called to order at 9:38 at Hidden Waters Golf Course, Waupaca WI Reading of Mission Statement – Sam Vandenberg

II.  Roll Call – 11 people present

Officers/Board members present:  President – Sam Vandenberg, Region B V.P. – Orlin Clark, Region C V.P. – Helen Wagner, Secretary – Jan Kasper, State Director – Luana Schneider

Clubs Present:  4 Lakes 4-Wheelers, Inc – River City 4-Wheelers – Weekend 4-Wheelers, Inc. – 4X4 Forever, LTD. – Green Bay High Riders, LTD. – Trailgators 4-Wheelers, Inc.

III.  Secretary’s Report – accepted as printed – Has been having problems getting the emails go through due to the size of the attachment. Notes will be emailed to the officers, board members and delegates for distribution to their clubs. We will include link in the email to go directly to the website.

IV.  Treasurer’s Report – accepted as printed.

V.  Guests: None

VI.  Reports:

  • Pipeline – Nothing new
  • Web Page – Jan Kasper now has access for updates!
  • Bylaws/SOP – Amanda Cottrell, Jan Kasper and Helen Wagner reviewed and presented updates to the Bylaws and SOPs. A copy of the changes will be available on the website. The SOP changes were accepted as presented. The Bylaws changes were discussed, will be printed on the website and will be voted on at the Spring Meeting.
  • S.C.O.R.P. – a survey was sent in October. Director report posted.
  • T.C.- Luana was elected to another 4 year term as secretary. There are grants available if we had trails. Director report posted.
  • United Four Wheel Drive Association – Nothing new. Director report posted.
  • MW4WDA – Nothing to report
  • WOHVA – Hosting spring meeting. Sam will arrange a meeting where the board of both organizations meeting to discuss the future.
  • Membership – Nothing new.
  • Sauk Prairie Recreation Area – Nothing new
  • Motorized Recreation Area – Nothing new – Director report posted.
  • Rally – Nothing new
  • ORVPI – Nothing new
  • LRB105 – Jerry Stephens has now taken the lead. Director report posted.
  • Identification, Classifying, Mapping on DNR lands – Need to send letters to Steven Peterson regarding the need to keep roads for 4WD. Director report posted.

VII.  Region Vice Presidents Report

  • Not Present – No Report
  • Nothing to Report
  • Many members participated in Titletown Jeepers Toys for Toys ride. Very successful – 128 vehicles.

VIII.  Old Business

  • Vehicle Modification Bill – SEMA bill – could affect off-road vehicles as we’ll as race vehicles.
  • How to attract people that use social media.
  • Trail specifications –
  • Huston MN off road park –
  • Conference Calling – Is available we should publish that it is available.
  • Spring Convention – April 7-9, 2017. WOHVA is hosting at Best Western inTomah, WI. Rates are $89.99+tax. Two queen or One King rooms available in the block. Call (608)372-3211 and use either W4WDA or WOHVA to book rooms. More info to follow.
  • WOHVA is having a Tread Lightly Tread Trainer class on Friday April 7, 2017 at the Spring Convention. This is an 8-hour class to be certified as a Tread Lightly Trainer. The cost is $75.00 per person to Tread Lightly. You sign up on the Tread Lightly website or for more information contact a W4WDA board member.

IX.  New Business

  • Any ideas on a location that we could host a Rally or different event?
  • Discussed a membership or MOU with WOHVA
  • Looking into getting shirts representing W4WDA – Sam will work on a design to review at the Spring Meeting.
  • Fall 2017 Meeting will be at Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells. October 20-21, 2017. Details to Follow

X.  Fall Elections 2017

  • Region A – Vice President – Arnold Miller
    • Nominations:
  • Region C – Vice Present – Helen Wagner
    • Nominations:
  • Region B – Asst Vice Present – Dave Bahr
    • Nominations – Rod Schneider – accepted

XI.  Adjourned